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Friday, March 8th, 2019 by Thrasher

installing egress window in basement

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Are you adding a bedroom? Want to make your basement brighter? Look no further than the Thrasher Premier Egress System. Thrasher is the premier waterproofing and foundation repair contractor in the Midwest, so it only makes sense to choose Thrasher for your egress window needs! There is a lot to consider when installing an egress window. If you are cutting a hole in your foundation, it is imperative that the contractor doing the cutting is experienced and has the tools to do the job right. Cutting a hole in your foundation asks for water to come into your basement. So the contractor also better know how to handle water problems. Thrasher has answers for all of these considerations!

The first step is to dig the hole for the window well. Thrasher is careful to disturb any grass or landscaping as little as possible. Any piling of dirt will be on tarps, so when we are done, it will be as if they did no work besides your beautiful egress window!

Next, we will open the cavity for the window replacement. Thrasher uses state of the art tools to ensure precise, clean cuts. Our system designers are sure to inspect your foundation for any wall deflection or settlement BEFORE we begin the installation. If there is any concern about installing an egress window in your foundation, we will let you know before any cutting happens! What if you do have foundation issues?? The best part about choosing Thrasher is that in most cases, we can both repair your foundation and install your egress window all at the same time!

Once we have the cavity opened, we then precisely install our one-piece rigid design, built to function, and great for decades - without rust egress window! Once installed, any openings around the window are sealed to prevent any air transmission. We have multiple window sizes for you to choose from to best fit your home's needs.

What about the water, you ask? Our system designers will talk to you about installing a drainage system both outside into your exterior drainage tile and our Well Duct system on the INSIDE to ensure your window well NEVER fills up with water! Bringing you real peace of mind.

Finally, we will install our stone textured, composite window well. This window well has the steps built into the mold so that no ugly ladders will be in the well. One of our favorite parts?? It will never rust!!

Installing an egress window and well is serious work. Thrasher is serious about meeting all building codes when installing the window and will have utility locates done on any excavation areas. Having an egress window installed ensures safety for your family if anything were to happen to your home. It also adds incredible value to your home and brings in tons of sunlight to your basement. Installing an egress window is a good idea, but it is a great idea when you have it installed by Thrasher!

Our purpose is to redefine an industry through high-end services and installation for egress windows and beyond. Learn more about the Thrasher egress window installation process.

Egress Windows Brochure

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