How to Repair Basement Window Leaks

One of the most common ways that water floods a basement is through your basement windows. This article will walk you through why basement windows leak and a couple of steps that you can take to repair and prevent this problem.

Interior basement window leaking

Causes of Window Leaks

Having a basement window in your home is great for light, airflow and other things, but having a window in your basement can use problems. Having a hole directly next to your foundation opens significant opportunities for moisture to seep its way into your basement. Without proper grading, drainage, and sealing, rainwater and melting snow can easily penetrate a poorly sealed window frame or pool in an improperly dug window well. This not only means you may have a faulty window option in your basement, but you will most likely need to call a professional out to help properly divert and drain the groundwater that is sitting around your home. Doing so will help with the health and stability of your home.

Basement windows are most often made out of steel or wood. As these materials age, they will begin to rust, corrode, and decay. Fortunately, basement window leaks can be fixed quickly, easily, and permanently.

leaking window well
The windows begin to hang loosely in their frame, and the frame begins to hang loosely in its opening in your basement wall

How to Fix Leaking Basement Windows

One solution Thrasher offers is by fixing leaking basement windows with the WellDuct(R) Basement Window System to redirect flooding to a perimeter drain or dry well. Here are some steps Thrasher can take to help prevent water from leaking into your home through an existing basement window.

Install WellDuct(R) Basement Window System:

1) Install a Perimeter Drain or Dry well
At Thrasher, we recommend that water from your WellDuct(R) is directed into a French drain system. Otherwise, a small dry well can be created beneath the leaking window. If your problem is a leaking crack beneath your window, no hole will need to be created.

2) Create a Drainage Channel
The Thrasher installer can make a small hole in the wall just underneath the window. If you have block walls, a PVC pipe may be used in this hole, and a grated opening would be installed on the outside of the pipe to prevent clogs. A polymer will be injected around the pipe's outer edge to help keep it sealed and in place.

3) Direct Water Into Your Perimeter Drainage System
A gray plastic fitting can be placed on your inside basement wall, directing water down into your perimeter drain or dry well. The top of the drain will be sealed off with a polymer injection. Plastic pegs mechanically attach the plastic fitting to your walls.

4) Seal The Drain
The plastic fitting edges will be sealed to your wall with a polymer injection.

Another solution to help prevent leaking windows in your home is to look into egress window options. There are many benefits of having an egress window in your home. Having Thrasher install an egress window, along with a waterproofing system, can help the health of your home. Upgrading your basic basement window to an egress window can completely transform your basement. Enlarge the window opening, allow for more natural light and, satisfy newer building code requirements for an emergency escape route from your basement.

Benefits of Installing an Egress Window

? Safety: an escape route out of the basement

? More Light: which can lead to being able to utilize the space more

? Home Value: with an installed egress window, homeowners are now able to count that area as a bedroom if needed

? Easy Accessibility to tie into the waterproofing system

When you replace your old, outdated basement windows with new, energy-efficient ones, you add comfort, value, and energy efficiency to your home. When the time comes to make the upgrade, Thrasher Foundation Repair has the long-lasting, energy-saving solution you need.

Why Thrasher?

Thrasher started over 45 years ago, helping the homeowner with water issues. Leaking windows are not fun for anyone, and Thrasher wants to help give you peace of mind that your basement can and will stay dry after we help. Most areas have particular codes about windows that are installed within a home. Thrasher takes that worry and process on fully. As a company, Thrasher does not outsource any of the labor. The specialist that comes and talks to you have direct contact with the installation crew, and the company will see the project all the way through.

The best thing for your home and your family is to have Thrasher out for a free estimate. The specialist will come and do an inspection of your home, talk through solutions and provide you with a written estimate while they are at the house. All of Thrasher's estimates are specific to the home and not one size fits all. The specialists will take the time to help figure out the best solution for you and your home.

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