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Friday, March 4th, 2016 by Thrasher

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Upgrade your sump pump system with SuperSump - the all in one system that keeps the area neat and clean while keeping your basement dry.

Your sump pump is the critical component of keeping your basement dry. Without a reliable and operational sump pump, your basement is likely to get wet. Not all sump pumps are equal, so it is essential that you choose the best one for your home. Here are a few key factors you need to consider when selecting a sump pump.

Sump pump capacity:

What this means is how much water can the sump pump, pump. To keep your basement dry, it is crucial that you choose a sump pump that can handle a large volume of water. During normal conditions, you may not need a high-capacity sump pump. Still, when you are experiencing larger volumes of water entering the basement, you must have a sump pump system that can handle the larger water volume. A critical factor in considering apples to apples when considering what sump pump is right for your home is head pressure. To get the water out of your sump pump and outside, the sump pump will have a PVC discharge line through which the water is pumped up and out of your basement. When measuring capacity, some sump pumps will share ability with no head pressure.

That isn't the right way to look at it because you will need to pump the water up to be able to get it out of the basement.

The Single Pack comes with a Zoeller sump pump, which can pump 2,650 gallons/hour at an 8-foot head. There are also additional sump pump options that can pump more volume if your basement consistently experiences a larger volume of water entering the sump pump.

Float Switch: The float switch is what turns the pump on. Think of it like a toiler. As the water rises, the float will rise and eventually trigger the switch to turn on the sump pump. Obviously, without this, the sump pump is non-operational. Float switches are also not all equal. There are different styles, and some work better than others and last longer than others. The key here is to find a float switch the is protected and will not get stuck and couldn't turn on. Also, what the float switch is made of can dictate on long the control itself lasts.

The float switch becoming non-operational is typically one of the first things that goes out on a sump pump.

The Single Pack comes with a Zoeller sump pump, a cast iron pump that will make the pump and float switch last longer. Also, there is a protective arm above the float switch so that the switch does not get stuck.

Alarm System: Sump pumps are guaranteed to fail at some point. It is just hard to predict when that could happen. That is why it is crucial to have an alarm on your system, which will let you know if water has risen above the sump pump and your basement is at risk of becoming wet.

The Single Pack comes with the WaterWatch Alarm System. The WaterWatch Alarm System gives you ample time to address the problem before damage were to occur.

The Sump Liner: Believe it or not, not all sump liners are equal as well. Considerations include what material the sump liner is made of and whether it is perforated or not. You want a sump liner that is perforated to allow water in that is underneath your floor slab so that the sump pump can pump the water out of the basement.

The Single Pack liner is a polyethylene liner, which means it is strong, durable, and will not cave or crack. It is also perforated to allow water in below your basement floor slab.

Clean-pump stands: Again, remember the sump pump is the heart of the waterproofing system and how your basement stays dry. Protecting the sump pump from sediment and silt is important in keeping your sump pump operational. Your sump pump liner should come with clean pump stands.

The Singe Pack comes with a clean pump stand to protect the sump pump from sediment and silt.

Airtight lid: Another important consideration in choosing your sump pump is the lid itself.

To keep radon gas, moisture, humidity, and smells out of your basement and living space, you want an airtight lid.

The Single Pack comes with an airtight cover that is also strong and durable, so it will not crack or cave if you want to store items on it.

Super Sump Brochure

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