Yearly Sump Pump Maintenance by Thrasher

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013 by Thrasher

It's about that time when we can all put away our snow blowers and shovels. These cold blustery winter days are almost over. The season changes and those spring rains are right around the corner. After the unfortunate drought of 2012, we are all looking forward to some much needed moisture. Our soil is ready for the saturation, but is your home?

A basement can only stay dry with a sufficient waterproofing system. That system must have a properly working sump pump to rid the water from your basement. Is your sump pump working properly? Are you confident that your basement will be dry after the next rainfall? Sump pumps are out of sight but should never be out of mind.

When is the last time you had your waterproofing system and sump pump maintenance? I have been waterproofing homes for over eight years. I'm confident that the only way to keep your basement dry is through proactive routine maintenance. Unfortunately I have witnessed the results of homeowners neglecting their systems on several occasions. Soaking wet carpet, ruined drywall, damaged baseboard, mildew and mold are just a few byproducts of the sump pump not performing correctly. The headache you never wanted to experience again is back. Is this something you would like to avoid?

An annual maintenance of your system will allow a highly experienced professional to flood test the system and clean your sump pump from all sediment and mineral build up. The overwhelming amount of iron in the water is a sump's biggest foe. It's imperative to keep the sump's vent hole clean and clear of all build up. The pump's mechanical float switch will be checked over to ensure it's working properly. The pump's impeller will also be cleaned and checked over. The sump pit will be cleared of all sediment and silt. The technician will then check over the sump pump's discharge for any problems or potential problems.

Servicing your sump pump is what Thrasher comes to your home to perform. What about the rest of your basement and foundation? Our service team is not only highly experienced in waterproofing. We are certified in foundation repair, crawlspace repair and indoor air quality. Is your home's foundation structurally sound? Is your basement up to code? Does your basement run the risk of mold and mildew? Does the drainage around your home promote positive drainage? Are you protected from water when your power goes out? Annual Maintenance come with a complimentary inspection. You don't want small problems becoming big problems. A Technician inspecting your basement will allow you to have that piece of mind all of us homeowners would like to enjoy.

Give Thrasher a call to schedule your annual maintenance. One of our service technicians will be able to ensure a dry basement for you and your family. We also have a program that will provide a guarantee you never miss out on all the benefits of our annual maintenance again. Ask your technician about our Thrasher Care Club or visit our website and become a member. Thrasher care club will provide a lifetime of warranties, maintenance and piece of mind. Hope to see you soon!