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Trusted Experts in Concrete Repair in Grain Valley, Missouri Tackle Local Residential Mudjacking Project

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015 by Thrasher

This Grain Valley, MO mudjacking job by Thrasher Foundation Repair alleviated basement water problems at a fraction of the cost proposed by another company.

Mudjacking can help keep water out of your basement.

As experts in concrete repair in Grain Valley, Missouri, Thrasher will be the first to tell you that the concrete and dirt around your foundation are the first line of defense in preventing water from entering your basement.   These along with operating gutters and downspouts help keep rainwater running away from your home's foundation rather than toward it. Good window wells are also necessary to ensure water does not find an easy path into your living space.

Homeowners in this Grain Valley, MO home had a long history of water coming into the basement. They had been living with the water problem and the flooding of their basement for many years. Fearing that the water would eventually cause mold and other damage related to the water, they contacted Thrasher to consider options for a repair.

While an interior drainage system like draintile or WaterGuard with an adequate sump pump are always recommended in order to guarantee a dry basement, ensuring the outside conditions aren't adding to the problem is also important. In this case, the patio had settled 4 inches and was allowing water to pool along the foundation. There was also a window well in the area that was filling with water when it would rain.

Thrasher Foundation Repair was able to use mudjacking to lift and level the concrete patio 4 inches creating positive grade away from the house. Downspouts in the area were extended as well to ensure water was not oversaturating the area. This solution drastically reduced the amount of water that could get into the basement.

When finances are a challenge, Thrasher can take a phased approach to solving problems. In this case, the first phase was addressing the sinking concrete to get water away from the house and make the patio look better and be more functional. This project cost less than a third of what an entire waterproofing system would have cost and improved the problem drastically.

As locally trusted experts in concrete repair in Grain Valley, Missouri, we assured that the voids are filled underneath the concrete. In this case a large void was filled where water was being stored. Voids like these can hold hundreds of gallons of water, which can cause a wet basement or even structural problems to your foundation. Structural problems can include bowing or tipping foundation walls. This bowing action is caused by expanding clay soil that is exacerbated by the extra water. As walls bow in, they crack allowing even more water in. This type of problem can be fixed, but it is much better to prevent them. Keeping concrete sloping away and voids filled is an important part of preventing them.

This homeowner did not have plans to finish the basement and a long-term warranty wasn't important to them. They plan to wait on finishing the basement until after they can afford to install a perimeter drainage system, often referred to as a French drain. In the meantime, they feel more comfortable using their basement for a laundry area and being able to utilize the patio now that it is more level.

This scope of work was performed by Thrasher at one-tenth the cost of the proposal by another company. This was a huge relief to the customer that was able to customize their proposal with their System Design Specialist from Thrasher to fit their budget and desires. At the conclusion of the job they said, "We are so thrilled with the work that your crew did and look forward to doing more work with Thrasher in the future!"

Grain Valley mudjacking - Before - Master MudjackersBefore mudjackingGrain Valley mudjacking - After mudjacking - Master MudjackersAfter mudjacking