Extreme Foundation Repairs are Fast and Smooth with the Shotcrete Restoration System

Thursday, October 16th, 2014 by Thrasher

More and more, we hear of cities revitalizing older neighborhoods. Homes in these areas often attract buyers because of their history, character and charm.

However, foundation walls in these character-filled homes occasionally have significant deterioration due to the home's age, the building materials used in original construction, or both.

When foundation walls show signs of extreme deterioration, or have even begun to cave completely, there are limited options when it comes to repair. Homeowners are often forced into a complete foundation removal and replacement, which is costly, disruptive and time consuming.

Perhaps worst of all, the home's new foundation is built with the same soil conditions that led to collapse in the first place.

Fixing Extreme Wall Problems with the Shot-Lock Shotcrete Wall Restoration System

The Shot-Lock Shotcrete Wall Restoration System from Supportworks permanently stabilizes foundation walls that have extreme deterioration - nearly to the point of collapse.

When foundation walls are extremely damaged, or have been built with subpar materials like stone, rubble, and brick or clay tiles, the Shot-Lock Shotcrete Restoration System provides a durable and effective solution.

The wall restoration process begins by installing Geo-Lock(TM) Wall Anchorsto stabilize the existing foundation walls. Next, shotcrete is impacted onto the face of the existing wall, embedding the wall anchors into the new shotcrete wall.

Finally, the wall finish is smoothed out and the work area is cleaned up, leaving you with a stable and completely restored foundation.

What is Shotcrete?

To someone unfamiliar with concrete technology, the term "shotcrete" probably sounds like concrete that's shot from a gun. Actually, that's a fairly accurate description of a repair process that can transform a cracked, badly damaged foundation wall into a wall that's strong, smooth and attractive.

Shotcrete is a fiber-reinforced mortar mixture that is designed to be pumped through a hose and sprayed against a wall or other surface at high pressure. Due to the high force used to adhere the material to the wall, Shotcrete undergoes a significant compaction process during installation that produces more than double the strength of regular concrete.

Faster, Less Disruptive, and More Affordable Than Other Techniques

Integrating shotcrete with other wall repair products like wall anchor systems and I-beam systems, is a patent-pending process that allows property owners to restore basement walls that are in extremely damaged condition.

For contractors without access to our patent-pending Shot-Lock Shotcrete Restoration System, a total wall replacement is really the only option for extreme damage. But the Shotcrete System can be completed much more quickly, and at a significant cost savings when compared to a complete foundation replacement.

The Shotcrete Wall Restoration System from Supportworks can be completed much more quickly and economically than foundation replacement.

Typical application of wall repair with shotcrete can be completed in just a few days with minimal disturbance to your home, or its surrounding landscape. Best of all, the Shotcrete Wall Restoration System is warrantied - adding peace of mind to your newly repaired foundation walls.

How to Install the System

Step 1: Geo-Lock(TM) Wall Anchors are installed to shore up the existing foundation wall.
Step 2: A layer of Shot-Lock shotcrete is impacted onto the existing wall.
Step 3: Another plate is connected to the anchor system and is pressed into the shotcrete wall.
Step 4: An extra layer of Shot-Lock is installed, fully embedding the anchor system into the new wall.
Step 5: The shot-lock wall is smoothed and finished.
Step 6: The work area is cleaned and the job is complete.