Large Tree and Clogged Gutters Cause Bowing and Leaning Walls in Omaha

Friday, March 12th, 2021 by Eric Wulf

Mark and Cyndi M. have lived in their neighborhood their entire lives and plan to be in their home forever, even leaving the house to their kids someday. Mark is a recently retired police officer and wants to get the house into top shape now that he has time to work on it. He has known that the garage walls needed some work for some time, but is finally ready to tackle the project.



Mark contacted Thrasher Foundation Repair to have the problem evaluated and to get a price to fix it. Eric Wulf met with the couple and identified the problems and presented them with options for repair. Mark told Eric, "I don't want the wall falling in or issues down the road when we sell or transfer the house to my kids." Two walls in his detached garage were moving and he knew this was a problem that would have to be solved.



The west wall was bowing in due to poor grading, a large tree, and clogged gutters. The gutters had a filter on them, but the filter regularly clogged itself and needed to be cleaned. The wall had a long horizontal crack that turned into stairstep cracks as it got closer to the door. The north wall was leaning in at the top and had a large vertical crack. The grade couldn't be improved much because of close property lines.

Gutter with debris
Before: The west wall was near the property line. The large tree has just been cut down to relieve pressure on the foundation wall. The gutter filter is shown with some debris slowing down water flow.

Carbon Fiber Straps and Basement Wall Anchors Secure South Omaha Foundation Walls

The solution was different for the two walls. Since the west wall had a steep grade and close property line, Carbon Fiber Wall Straps were chosen to stabilize the wall. Mark was already planning to remove the large tree that was putting pressure on the wall.

The north wall called for 5 Basement Wall Anchors to stabilize the wall and straighten it over time.

The entire foundation repair in Omaha was completed over 2 days and provides a valuable 25-year warranty for Mark and Cyndi, their kids, or whoever owns the home next.