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Thursday, April 1st, 2021 by Shane McClintic

Basement Remodel Requires Egress Window to Bring Basement Up to Code

Permit required a proper egress window to satisfy code. It also meant an immediate increase in their home's value and added safety for the family.

Bob and Molly wanted to begin a remodel of the basement. Like many people, they looked at adding value and livability to their home by maximizing the available square footage. And, who doesn't need a refresh every once in a while? To move forward, their remodeling contractor needed help to secure a proper permit to begin the work. The permit required a proper egress that met the code for redoing their basement ceiling. Egress would allow Bob and Molly's downstairs bedroom to qualify as a "legal bedroom." It also meant that their home's value would immediately increase due to the expansion of livable square footage.

And the occupants of the home would be safer.

Molly called Thrasher Foundation Repair. She hated her old drop ceiling and 2'x2' fluorescent lights in the basement, and she was going to have a new drywall ceiling and can light fixtures installed. The scope of work required a permit and was considered a remodel. System Design Specialist Shane McClintic came to meet with them to determine their needs and design the best solution. Shane explained, "When remodeling happens in the basement, it must be brought to code for 'conforming living space.'" Thus, the need for egress. Shane added, "She was sick of that drop ceiling and the fluorescent lights, so she made it clear the window was getting done. They wanted competitive pricing, and she said they might be getting other bids."

Egress window before Outside of window before egress window was installed

He recommended adding a code-correct egress window. Thrasher uses Rockwell Window Wells to be the most reliable and most durable egress window wells on the market. We also use Silverline Windows, an Andersen Window brand. Our team has determined that their quality is second to none at a value-based price.

Molly was pleased with the inspection Shane provided, measuring, locating, and marking exactly where the window would go. He also indicated where the well would go and where the dig area would be. The visual helped Molly understand that her fence would be an obstacle, something she hadn't considered. They would either need to relocate the fence, offset the well slightly, or not have the window installed at the room's center. She chose to have the window centered and to offset the well. She didn't want to relocate the fence because it was incorporated into her siding. Removing and restoring the fence in its current position allowed us to install the well properly and avoided the need to re-side their home. This was a critical design detail and realized due to our inspection process of laying things out.  Measuring inside and outside and accounting for one concerning the other does take extra time. But it's worth it. Molly appreciated knowing what she was getting into and exactly what to expect before signing anything.

She took the time to consider the project and waited to sign up the following week. The cost was more than she anticipated, but she understood the quality and all the work involved, and she felt confident with us. She said she was comfortable moving forward with Thrasher. The following week Shane followed up with Molly, and she said they decided not to get any other estimates.  She was confident and wanted to move forward with us due to their confidence in us, the company reputation and the experience provided during the inspection and consultation

Pushing through winter weather, attention to detail, expert installation, proper tools and experience got the job done right. Cutting an egress window should not be left to a novice as you are cutting the foundation that is the base of the entire home. There were some weather challenges; however, the crew worked hard to stay on track. We fulfilled our commitment and earned a happy customer. Part of what you sign up for with Thrasher is an efficiency guarantee which allows for a single-day install in most circumstances. No one wants a hole in their foundation for more than a few hours.

If you are considering a basement remodel and looking to add a bedroom, home office or family area, call Thrasher to get a Free Inspection for a new egress window. In 45 years of business, we've seen it all and fixed it all. We are the local experts for all your egress window solutions in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri. We offer warrantied solutions that will bring more light into your home and provide emergency egress and ingress. Contact us for a free, no-obligation foundation inspection today! That same day you'll know exactly where we can locate your window, precisely what it will take to install and exactly how much it will cost.

To schedule your free inspection, call or fill out the contact form here. Don't wait until it's too late. 

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