Thrasher Commercial Case Study: Waterproofing at Highland Elementary

Monday, October 4th, 2021 by Harrison Hallowell

Thrasher Commercial Case Study: Waterproofing at Highland Elementary - Image 1


This past month, Thrasher Commercial had the opportunity to partner with Hausmann Construction to complete a waterproofing project for Highland Elementary in Bellevue, NE. Hausmann was contracted by Highland Elementary to remodel a significant portion of their campus, but one building in particular flooded during periods of heavy rain. This building serves the purpose of housing the fire suppression system and providing additional storage for the school. The basement's construction consisted of concrete-poured walls and a concrete ceiling, and the high groundwater table allowed water to infiltrate the space. Addressing the water issue was a crucial part of the remodeling process, and Hausmann contacted Thrasher Commercial for a custom waterproofing solution.


Thrasher Commercial Case Study: Waterproofing at Highland Elementary - Image 2The water needed to be captured and directed away from the structure outside to resolve the groundwater flooding issue. Our commercial team designed a custom waterproofing system that included 378 ft. of WaterGuard, 63 ft. of lateral lines, 378 ft. of CleanSpace, and 2 SuperSump sump pump systems. The installation process began by removing 10 inches of concrete around the perimeter and inserting the WaterGuard interior drainage system (pictured to the right) at the base of the walls, ensuring that all water is contained before it hits the floor. The crew then applied our CleanSpace waterproof barrier to the full height of the foundation walls to divert any water intrusion through the wall to the WaterGuard. The final piece to complete the waterproofing system was the installation of the two SuperSump sump pumps and discharge lines that ran to the exterior of the building. The SuperSumps design is proven to be the most reliable system available, and when combined with our WaterGuard and CleanSpace products, the basement is guaranteed to stay dry year-round. To conclude the waterproofing project, our team flood-tested the entire system to ensure everything was working flawlessly, poured concrete back over to conceal the WaterGuard, and initiated a final clean-up to allow Hausmann to continue their remodeling process.


Thrasher Commercial Case Study: Waterproofing at Highland Elementary - Image 3Thrasher Commercial Case Study: Waterproofing at Highland Elementary - Image 4

(CleanSpace waterproof plastic vapor is pictured to the left, and the SuperSump is pictured to the right)


It’s always a pleasure to work with local companies like Hausmann Construction and to resolve an issue and advance their project for Highland Elementary was deeply rewarding. In addition to Hausmann, we partnered with Eyman Plumbing Heating & Air due to the permit and city code regulations. Hausmann was pleased with our crew and the effectiveness of our custom-designed waterproofing system. We’re excited to see the outcome of their remodeling project for Highland Elementary and look forward to continuing our relationship in the future.

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