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Thrasher's Nick Rohe Talks Radon Dangers with WOWT 6 News

In observance of National Radon Action Month, director of operations for Thrasher, Nick Rohe, alongside Curt Drew from National Radon Defense, appeared on WOWT 6 News on January 17, 2014 to discuss the dangers of radon gas.

Papillion, NE - January 23, 2014

At Thrasher, it does not go unnoticed that Iowa has the highest concentration of radon gas, and Nebraska isn't far behind.

In observance of National Radon Action Month, director of operations for Thrasher, Nick Rohe, alongside Curt Drew from National Radon Defense, appeared on WOWT 6 News on January 17, 2014 to discuss the dangers of radon gas. Radon is an invisible, tasteless, and odorless radioactive gas that is naturally emitted through the ground. Most homeowners do not feel that radon is a health risk they need to investigate. Radon is found everywhere, but becomes an issue when it is trapped inside the home.

Speaking to reporter Katie Stukey of WOWT 6 News in Omaha about this common misconception, Rohe says, “People may, they can read into the misconceptions if they want, but the way I view it if it's a health concern and a risk I just want to take care of it and make sure I'm not exposing myself and my family to some of these harms.” Radon exposure causes no immediate symptoms, but prolonged exposure may lead to lung cancer. Radon exposure is the second leading cause of lung cancer behind smoking. Drew of National Radon Defense explained how having a radon mitigation system installed by a professional can help eliminate the risk.“

Instead of the radon fighting to get through the concrete and into the house, we actively pull it to a suction point and then release it through the attic and though the roof and up into the atmosphere where it's safe,” says Drew.

To help provide a healthier home environment this winter, Thrasher urges Greater Omaha residents to have their homes tested.  

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