Egress Window Solution Adds Resale Value in Wichita

In the early 1990s, Tim and Marlene had issues in their home outside of Wichita, KS, and they called the local experts – Kansas Basement and Foundation Repair (KBFR). KBFR laid their fears to rest after they straightened their wall with SupportWorks’ GeoLock Wall Anchors(opens in a new window) and waterproofed their basement.  

Over the next two decades, Tim and Marlene completely renovated their 1972 home into their private oasis. In 2020, they opted to go for one last major upgrade, an egress window. All of us have had a wish for more "elbow room" or just more "family room?" You can expand the usable square footage of your home by putting Egress Windows in your lower level.

In addition, egress windows provide a way out in case of emergency and "ingress" - a way in, for emergency personnel. It also brings in an abundance of natural light to make your family room, extra bedroom or office area cheerier.

Read how the Schjodt Family added a 4th bedroom and 1,200 additional square feet of living space that they will realize as a return on their investment, should they ever decide to sell their home.

They were both concerned about opening a hole in a wall that they had known waterproofing and wall support issues in the past. Their solution seemed logical - call the same company that successfully installed these products! 

After some quick research, Tim discovered that their prior contractor was now branded under the Thrasher Group name. This link brought strong brand recognition as Tim had spent a lot of time in Iowa and Omaha, NE, where Thrasher has been a household name for over 45 years. In Tim's own words, he said, "I heard you guys on the radio a lot. KBFR did excellent work, and I'm confident that you guys continue the tradition." It took no time for Tim and Marlene to agree to set up an appointment with one of Thrashers System Design Specialists. 

Thrasher's System Design Specialist inspected the home, took measurements and pictures, and then sat down with the homeowners. He learned Tim and Marlene's reasons for wanting to upgrade their home and some of the project's concerns. They highlighted how they just had new concrete poured and wanted to preserve its integrity. They insisted on professionalism, timeliness, and quality. Overall, they were nervous about how an egress well would work with their known issues. 

The System Design Specialist displayed expertise, knowledge and preparation for this opportunity. Marlene said that he was "prompt, explained things very well, and the follow up was great!" Thrasher was able to diagnose the home and design an installation method appropriate for their home. He was able to ensure them that they would install the egress well while still preserving the integrity of the wall support system. And be able to integrate with their existing waterproofing system. 

Professional installation and service:

Thrasher has specialized egress window installation crews that perform every aspect of the work so there is no down time. They do their best to take care of your property including protecting your basement from dust and your yard from our tire tracks. Here’s the basics steps for the day:

  • Excavate hole for window well and to install basement window
  • Cut foundation to install window.
  • Install egress window
  • Install egress window well
  • Backfill soil

Come installation day, Tim and Marlene were very impressed with the crews. Tim said that the "Crew was very respectful, worked well together, and did a great job." Marlene added that they "Were all so appropriate and respectful. They all worked hard." Not only was the crew able to preserve the newly installed concrete, but they installed a fantastic product with expert installation methods. 


Their new egress window brought much-needed light to a dark basement and added an egress window's safety to a lower level. On top of this, the Tim and Marlene can now claim the additional square footage for the extra bedroom, bringing added value to an already beautiful home. 

Marlene said, "We have done plenty of remodeling, as you can tell. And, one thing that I liked about Thrasher is they didn't rush through the job. Many times, a vendor will send their people out, and you can tell they're rushing through to get it done and get it out of here." Additionally, Marlene was ecstatic about our home preservation and clean-up process with all of the industrial machinery. "They did a great job controlling the dust," she said. 

Whatever your reason is for adding an egress window to your home - increased property value, safety and peace of mind, or additional space, Thrasher's foundation repair experts' team has the experience, training, and high-quality egress window products you need. Thrasher offers a 10-year product warranty for our basement egress window installations, along with a 5-year workmanship guarantee to ensure your peace of mind. In addition, we manage all permits and code regulations while working on your basement egress window project and, as basement and foundation experts, we know how to cut into foundation walls and complete fast, accurate egress window installations that prevent water issues down the line.

For more information on how Thrasher Foundation Repair can deliver exceptional results on your home improvement project, give us a call or reach out here.

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