Basement Waterproofing & Drainage Case Studies: Egress Window Installed in Basement Bedroom

Sunday, July 15th, 2018


Thrasher installed a new double-paned window and decorative fiberglass well.

The project also included the installation of an exterior sump pump.

A homeowner was in desperate need of another room in their ranch home. They had a large family and guests that would regularly visit, so they decided to add to their spacious basement. After some research, the homeowners realized that an egress window would be necessary for their new bedroom project. Code dictates that to have a bedroom in a basement, there must be an escape route in an emergency. An egress window would solve this issue by offering occupants a way out. It also allows for natural light to come in and brighten up the space. 

Next, the homeowners started reading many reviews on top companies to install the egress window. It was an easy decision once they found Thrasher Foundation Repair. Thrasher was top of the list with high-quality work and years of experience in the industry. The homeowners contacted their local foundation expert, Thrasher Foundation Repair. The homeowner submitted an online form, and within 24 hours, the homeowner received a call from a Customer Care team member. 

She confirmed the homeowner's information then set an appointment for a free estimate. She shared with the homeowner what to expect, starting with an information packet. Within the packet was an appointment reminder, About Us, the "Thrasher Difference," and a same-day savings discount. She also provided a brochure to explain the installation process and all the benefits of adding an egress window. Sara asked the homeowner to review this information and to write down questions or concerns. 

A day before the appointment, a System Design Specialist called the homeowner to introduce themselves. They confirmed that the appointment was still a good day/time for the homeowners. 

On the day of the appointment, the System Design Specialist greeted the homeowners, and they did a complete walk-through of the home. During the walk-through, both the Specialist and homeowners discussed the details of their project. Finally, the Specialist prepared an estimate for the project after a complete review of the homeowner's design preferences and installment necessities.

Here are a few common questions a homeowner asks:

           Are all egress windows the same?

           Will cutting into the foundation of my home be safe?

           Is the work guaranteed, or have a warranty?

           Should I worry about water getting in?

           What building codes do I need to consider?

           Can an egress window increase the value of my home?

           How will this escape route work?

The System Design Specialist explained the estimate and scope of work to the homeowners. They were enthused to move forward and were surprised with the same day savings when they moved on with the project. 

The next steps were laid out for the homeowner. First, the Thrasher team will install a new double-paned window and decorative fiberglass well. This included installing an exterior sump pump, which provides an exit path for extra water during heavy rainfall. Second, proper window well covers are placed to prevent leaves, small animals, and foreign objects from falling into the egress window. 

The homeowners decided to finance their project. Thrasher partnered with Renovate America for a quick application process & same-day credit. Click here to learn more about Renovate America options. 

The homeowner had an install date and made a deposit before the System Design Specialist left that day. The homeowner received an email from Thrasher on what to expect before and during the egress window install checklist. This helped them to prepare for the next steps.

The week before installation, the Customer Care Logistic team pulled permits and had utility lines marked. Ten days before install Customer Care Logistics' called to confirm the install date. On the day of installation, The Team Leader called the homeowner to verify their availability. The Team Leader also recaps the project with the homeowner and answered final questions before the crew got to work. 

The customer was happy with the efficiency of the crew (who completed the project in less than 2 days) and glad she selected the decorative well, which blended in seamlessly with the rest of the house.

Thrasher's production crew started to excavate the entire area where the window was to be installed. Excavating can be done by hand or by a small Bobcat (depending on utility and property lines). Once excavated, the team will use a patented cut and break saw to make one seamless cut through the foundation, removes the guesswork and ensures that you have a single, seamless cut during the installation process. Next, the crew framed and installed a double-paned vinyl sliding window. For the well to drain correctly, an exterior sump pump was installed at the bottom of the well and connected to the interior waterproofing system. After installing the pump, the crew attached the fiberglass well to the house, backfilling the excavated area and covering the entire area with seed and straw.

After complete installation, the Team Leader does a final walk through with the homeowner and again answered a few upkeep questions. The customer was delighted with the crew's efficiency, who completed the project in less than two days. The homeowners were also happy with their design selections that matched seamlessly with the rest of the house.

Before leaving the home, the final payment was collected, and the Team Leader requested an online review. The homeowner was so pleased that they wrote a review before the crew left the premises! 

Do you need an egress window estimate? Contact us today! We look forward to working alongside you to create a safe place for your children and grandkids! Plus, we stand behind our work!