Basement Waterproofing & Drainage Case Studies: Egress Window Provides Light and an Escape

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018 by Kendra Dunnigan


Gary, our existing customer, reached out to us for annual maintenance upkeep on his home. A few years back, we had installed a waterproofing system and wall anchor system. He wanted to ensure these systems were maintained correctly and trusted us to do the job. 

During the maintenance appointment, Gary mentioned to our Service Tech that he had two people living in his basement and needed safe living space for his guests. Our Service Tech agreed and noted that having an egress window would provide a means of escape in a fire or other emergency. Our service tech informed Gary how an egress window works and all the benefits of installing one in his home. Besides providing a way of escape, it would provide natural light and fresh air, bring the basement up to code and increase the home's value.


Thrasher has an exceptional team who coordinated all the necessary steps before Gary's egress window was installed. About a week before installation, our Customer Care Logistic team pulled permits and marked the utility lines around the install area. A Customer Care Specialist called Gary about ten days before installation to confirm his install date.

On the day of install, the Team Leader contacted Gary to review the project checklist and answer any final questions. Here is the typical checklist that a Team Leader would talk through with the homeowner.

Egress window installation checklist: 

  • Review exterior of the home where the egress window will be installed.
  • Map out the interior wall where the egress window will be installed.
  • Mark where the hole will be dug around the outside perimeter of the installation area.
  • Lay thick plastic sheeting on the grass, where the dirt will be laid during the dig. This will minimize any mess and make dirt removal easy.
  • The crew installs the egress window.
  • Tech does a final inspection of the new window with the homeowner.

Once the tech covers everything and answers the homeowner's questions, it's time to get to work!

Get to work!

Thrasher's production crew started to excavate the area. Excavating can be done by hand or by a small Bobcat (depending on utility and property lines). Once excavated, the team will use a patented cut and break saw to make one seamless cut through the foundation, removes the guesswork and ensures that you have a single, seamless cut during the installation process. Next, the crew framed and installed a double-paned vinyl sliding window. For the well to drain correctly, an exterior sump pump was installed at the bottom of the well and connected to the interior waterproofing system. After installing the pump, the crew attached the fiberglass well to the house, backfilling the excavated area and covering the entire area with seed and straw.

After complete installation, the Team Leader did a final walk-through with Gary and reviewed some upkeep tips. The customer was delighted with the efficiency of the crew, who completed the project in less than two days. The homeowners were also happy with their design selections that matched seamlessly with the rest of the house.

Annual Maintenance  

Just like scheduling an annual appointment to see a doctor for your health, we recommend an annual appointment for the health of your home. Our expert Service Techs are the "doctors" in-home health and help to ensure your systems are well maintained. 

At Gary's maintenance appointment, we first checked his waterproofing system. Below is a list of what our Service Tech performed during the waterproofing inspection.

  • Cycled and water tested the sump pump operations. 
  • The pump is primed, the sump system liner is cleaned of sediment and silt. 
  • The battery is tested in the WaterWatch alarm; a battery backup is recommended in a power outage. 
  • Flush and flood test the WaterGuard system as necessary using the easy access ports. 
  • Evaluate the discharge line to ensure it's clear of debris. 
  • The tech also performed an anchor wall system check.
  • Inspects the wall anchor plates and re-tightens the interior wall anchors to the appropriate torque.
  • Removes excess anchor rod.  
  • Benchmarks are recorded for the following Annual Maintenance, ensuring the system is holding the wall in place and potentially straightening it over time. 
  • Finally, the tech does a final walk-around the home's exterior to inspect the foundation, grading and gutters.  

The Result

Gary trusted Thrasher Foundation Repair, our products and our workmanship. He initially hired us for an annual maintenance check for his waterproofing and anchors systems we installed. We ended up starting a new project to install an egress window for Gary. We first installed an egress window well drainage system, followed by the egress window system, and finished with an egress window well cover. Thrasher's production crew completed the job in one day! Gary's basement is now up to code, with a safe means of escape and more natural light. 

At Thrasher Foundation Repair, customers are important, and so are the systems we install. We recommend annual maintenance. Gary has both systems checked out annually for the waterproofing system.

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