Case study – Sullivan Pool Apron Lift


Joe Sullivan and his family live in Omaha, NE. In their backyard, they have a concrete pool that is roughly 50 years old. They have four children and four grandchildren, so the pool is action-central during the summer months of the year.



Lifting and leveling concrete around pool apron




“With a concrete pool, the pool never sinks but the apron around the pool over time will sink down and be at a different level than the pool,” says Joe. “So, it causes problems with the kids skinning their toes when they run into the pool and it’s unsightly.”


Since the pool area is a popular spot with the Sullivan family, they didn’t want a repair process that kept them out of the pool during peak swimming season.





Thrasher Foundation Repair offered the Sullivan’s a simple, quick and highly effective way to repair their sunken pool apron and patio. We used PolyLevel® – an incredibly strong, lightweight polyurethane material to lift and level their pool apron concrete without adding extra weight to the soil beneath. Better yet, this polyurethane foam filled any existing voids and compacted the underlying soil, which will stabilize their concrete for years to come. 




After the concrete was lifted and leveled, Thrasher repaired the cracked concrete and control joints, filling and sealing them using NexusPro™ joint sealant. Thrasher Concrete Professional, Kraig Schjodt says, “NexusPro seals the water out, greatly reducing the formation of damaging voids in the soil below. It simply won’t crack or de-bond over time and remains flexible in all temperatures.” He added, “It’ll keep their problem from coming back season after season.”


Joe was happy, too. “So what Thrasher did, was they came out and they leveled the concrete of the pool, around the pool, so that it’s the same level as the pool, and it looks very appealing. They also took out all of the existing caulk around the pool and put new caulk in and it changed the appearance of the pool tremendously.”


Pool apron against sinking concrete slabs close upPool apron against sinking concrete slabs wide viewPool apron leveled and joint sealant applied





“We’ve had a great experience with Thrasher. They’re very professional, they do what they say they’re going to do, they inform you of what is going to happen before they start, and they make sure that you’re satisfied with the job. The pool experience has just been great. We got a call from somebody at Thrasher and they said, ‘On a scale of 1-10, what would you think your experience with Thrasher on this pool would be?’ and I said ‘well, probably about a 12 or 13.’ They got a kick out of that.”


If you don’t like what you’re seeing in the concrete surfaces around your home, give Thrasher a call.


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