Settling Silo Floor Slab Lifted, Leveled and Stabilized with PolyLevel

The Challenge
Thrasher was contracted to lift, level and stabilize a settling silo floor measuring 60 feet in diameter. The silo had a 10-inch slab floor construction, with a 5-foot wide, 7-foot deep footing encasing the auger shaft. It was equipped with a 16-inch auger, but, due to the silo floor settlement of nearly 12 inches and a bind in the steel auger shaft, an 8-inch auger was all that could be used. The silo also used a floor sweep that had been rendered useless due to the silo settlement, which meant that the COOP personnel were having to enter the silo and hand-scoop the grain into the auger shaft.


The Solution
Thrasher was able to inject 4-pound hydrophobic polyurethane foam under the slab, including the auger footing in order to lift the silo floor slab back to operating condition. This allowed the auger shaft to use the 16-inch auger for which it was designed, and also made the floor sweep operational again. Thrasher benchmarked the floor slab upon completion and took additional measurements after the silo had been fully loaded and emptied again. The deviation was less than 1/8 inch.