Cracked and Bowing Wall Solutions

Wall Anchor Installation in Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri

There are a number of potential causes of cracked and bowing foundation walls. The most common reason that foundation walls crack or bow is due to pressure from outside soils. When soil gets wet, it expands and exerts huge amounts of pressure on foundation walls. When that force exceeds the capacity of the wall repeatedly – as happens during an annual freeze and thaw cycle – permanent and significant damage can result.

The wall can crack or break when the force exceeds the strength of the wall. This reduces the structural integrity of the wall, and when the saturation cycle is repeated, this further causes weakening and inward movement.

Permanent foundation solutions from Thrasher

At Thrasher, we use a wall anchor system that permanently stabilizes foundation walls, and offers the best opportunity to straighten walls over time without the cost and disruption of foundation replacement. Strong, galvanized earth anchors are embedded securely in competent soil out away from the foundation wall.

Each anchor connects to a heavy-duty steel wall place with long, threaded, galvanized steel rods. The anchors hold the wall in its current position, and allow for tightening when the soils contract. This gives the opportunity for future straightening of any bowing wall sections.

As your local commercial foundation contractors, we provide complete foundation repair services in Omaha, Sioux City, Lincoln, Council Bluffs, Bellevue, Grand Island, Kearney, Norfolk, Fremont, North Platte, so call us today to get started with a free inspection.

Case StudiesCase Studies: Wall and Helical Anchors/Tiebacks

  • Verizon Data Center — A bowing retaining wall needed to be repaired before an addition could be added to the Center. Read more...
  • I-80 Box Culvert Extension — One end of a box culvert had to be extended to allow for embankment construction to support road widening & reconstruction of an entrance ramp. Read more...
  • St. Michael’s Church — New addition added to the east of the St. Michael Lutheran Church sanctuary. Twenty-four Model 150 Helical Soil Nails were installed.
  • Rave Movie Theater — Renovation of a vacant store into a movie theater. Seventy-six anchors were installed for foundation support. Read more...
  • UNO Criss Library — New addition added to the Criss Library at the University of Nebraska. A settled slab in the existing building resulted in floor cracks, faulting, and uneven surfaces. Twenty-six helical anchors were installed. Read more...

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