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Foundation Underpinning Services

The definition of an underpinning system is "a solid foundation laid below ground level to support or strengthen a building." It could be the original foundation isn't strong or stable enough to support the use of the structure. Perhaps the properties of the soil supporting the foundation may have changed or construction of nearby structures necessitates added support. Sometimes the design calls for something to be supported above ground. Other terms to describe underpinning systems include commercial push pier underpinning, pipeline stabilization and helical piering as well as many others.

Design Considerations

Push piers are installed directly adjacent to the existing structure utilizing side-load brackets. This introduces eccentricity into the system. The Model 288 Push Pier System incorporates an external sleeve at the top of the pier to aid in resisting the bending forces generated by this loading condition. This helps preserve the axial compressive capacity of the pier shaft. The external sleeve extends through and below the foundation bracket to essentially create a bracket that is 48 inches tall.

Common commercial applications:

  • Pipeline stabilization
  • Span rectification
  • Storm current and scour protection
  • Pipelines to be inundated
  • Marshes, flood plains, wetlands
  • HDPE pipelines
  • Bulkheads and tie-back anchors

push pier - close upPush pierspush piers adjacent to structure

Thrasher Commercial uses the Supportworks Push Pier System that utilizes high-strength round steel tubes and a load transfer bracket or retrofit foundation repair bracket to stabilize and/or lift sinking or settling foundations. The foundation bracket is secured against the existing footing and pier sections are driven hydraulically through the foundation bracket and into the soil below using the combined structural weight and any contributory soil load as resistance. Pier sections are continuously driven until a suitable load-bearing stratum is encountered. At that point, the structure either begins to lift or the target pressure/load is achieved. The weight of the structure is then transferred from the unstable soil, to the foundation brackets, through the piers, and to firm load-bearing soil or bedrock.

One example of an above ground solution was a project Thrasher Commercial recently completed - Supporting the Elevated Boardwalk at Pracht Wetlands.

In this project, we helped elevate a 12 ft wide, 1000+ ft long boardwalk that winds throughout a 91- acre wetlands habitat. The project included more than 100 "piles" each advanced to a depth of up to 28 feet. We performed the work during the rainy season without experiencing delay or causing damage to the habitat. Read the full Case Study here. We finished the project with "flying colors" according to the construction team lead, "Thrasher was an integral part of our team from the very start, helping not just Hutton with planning and construction coordination but our architect and engineering partners as well. Thrasher even met with the engineers in person to iron out the final design, layout and connection details. Thrasher, and their product, was a perfect fit for this project and a big part of its success."

Thrasher Commercial utilizes a variety of helical foundation systems that can be used to solve pipeline support issues in various applications. Our helical anchor products offer high capacity solutions at an extremely competitive cost. Helical piles and anchors are an excellent solution that can overcome a variety of terrain challenges, including buoyancy control, span rectification and storm current protection.

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