Nasty Kansas City, MO Crawl Space Transformed

Nasty Kansas City CrawlSpace Transformed

Andy O. became intimately aware of indoor air quality when his wife was diagnosed with lung cancer. Since her diagnosis she has endured breathing problems that make this a frequent topic in their home. Andy knew that radon gas was more likely to enter a home through a dirt crawlspace and that higher humidity levels would contribute to mold growth and other allergens that can make breathing harder.

After researching solutions online, Andy decided to get several estimates to improve the crawlspace in his Kansas City home in hopes of improving the air quality throughout the house. He knew that there was a thin black plastic liner on the dirt floor, but also knew that it had holes, wasn’t sealed at the seams, and didn’t allow for storage. Most of the insulation had fallen from the ceiling and definitely wasn’t doing any good.

Several contractors looked at the crawlspace and decided that it was too messy for them. Andy wanted the fallen insulation and old flimsy plastic liner removed before the new liner was installed. Several contractors were not interested in removing and hauling away those items. He needed to be sure that the job was done right so that his wife could breathe more easily in their home.

Durable Crawl Space Liner Provides an Air Barrier and Clean Storage Space

Ultimately, Andy chose to work with Thrasher Foundation Repair after meeting with Ryan Galt and finalizing a plan. A crew of three performed all of the work in one day. First the old insulation, thin plastic, and other debris were removed and hauled away. Next, a drainage matting was placed on the dirt floor to create an insulation barrier, provide a drainage area for water, and to make the final floor softer to crawl on. Next, a 12-mil polypropylene liner was installed on the crawl space walls and floor. The liner is cord-reinforced and comes with a 25-year tear-free warranty. All the seams are sealed so that the entire home is sealed off from the earth. This prevents moisture and soil gases like radon from easily entering the home. 

Once the work was complete the crawl space was clean, bright, and suitable for storage. Andy and his wife are pleased with the result, and look forward to the improved air quality in their home.

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