Egress Windows Before & After Photos

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Egress Window Installation in Omaha, NE

These customers recently moved into their house and were excited that it was big enough to host all of their children and grandchildren. The place was perfect but they just needed one more bedroom. They decided to turn their storage room into a bedroom, but didn't want their grandchildren staring in a room that might be unsafe in case of an emergency. They decided to have an egress window installed before building the bedroom. 

Window Well Cover Replacement in Seward, NE

When a hailstorm struck the customer's home, it left a trail of damage in its wake. Among the casualties were the window well covers, which suffered from large holes, jeopardizing the protection and integrity of the customer's house. 


These covers, which serve as a vital barrier against water intrusion and debris, had faithfully shielded the customer's home for a decade before succumbing to the hailstorm's impact.


Our team replaced the damaged lids with brand-new ones, designed to enhance the natural light in the house while fortifying its defenses. The customer was astounded by the remarkable transformation, as the new covers not only restored functionality but also added an aesthetic appeal to their home.



Egress Window Install in Crete, NE

Expand your living space and upgrade your basement with an egress window from Thrasher. 

Egress Window Installation in Omaha, NE

Upgrading your basic window to an egress window will not only protect your home from common basement window problems but completely transform your space! Check out the upgrade this customer got. 

New Egress Window Is Looking Good

Egress windows are a great way to improve the value of your home. They are code-compliant, add natural light, and work to keep water out of the basement. But most importantly, they offer a safe escape for you and your family in the case of an emergency.

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