Bowing & Buckling Foundation Walls in Nebraska, Western Iowa, Central & Western Kansas and Northwestern Missouri

Identifying & repairing issues related to foundation wall failure

Diagram of a repaired foundation wall

Foundation wall anchors can repair many bowing wall problems, including those that cause cracks, inward bulging and sliding.

If your foundation walls are bowing, tilting, or showing other signs of inward movement, this can be caused by pressure pushing against your foundation and can be a serious concern. Thrasher offers warrantied solutions that can solve even the worst foundation wall problems. Our foundation wall anchors can provide immediate stabilization and straightening of the wall.

If you have bowing basement walls, it's best to have your home inspected by a professional foundation contractor who can pinpoint the cause and provide the right solution. Contact us today to request a no-obligation inspection in Lincoln, Omaha, Sioux City or nearby.

Signs of foundation wall problems

No matter what's causing your bowing basement walls, there are several signs to look for to determine if you have a foundation wall problem:

  • Wall cracks

    Horizontal or stair-step cracks are common when a foundation wall tilts or bows. If your foundation wall is made from concrete block, you might notice diagonal cracking between individual blocks.
  • Tilting

    A foundation wall will lean in when the top of the wall is being pushed inward by soil pressure.
  • Bowing

    Bowing of a foundation wall occurs when part of the wall has weakened and is being pushed inward.

What bowed basement walls look like

(Click each photo to enlarge.)

A cracked foundation wall near a window in a La Vista home Foundation wall separating from the floor in Plattsmouth home A buckling foundation wall in a Le Mars home. Rusted, corroded i-beams found with a failing foundation in a Storm Lake home.
A diagonal stair-step crack found along a foundation wall in a Carroll home A diagonal stair step crack along the foundation wall of a Spencer home A foundation showing severe inward buckling along the windows in a South Sioux City home. Severe foundation damage from a long crack in a bucking wall of a Beatrice home.

Causes of cracked & bowing basement walls

wet and dry clay soil samples, with the dry one shrunken and cracked

These two clay soil samples started out exactly the same. The sample on the right was allowed to dry out, while the one on the left was kept moist. Swelling and shrinking soil surrounding the foundation can cause bowing and settlement.

Bowing and cracked foundation walls are typically caused by expansive soils and hydrostatic pressure. When the clay soil around the foundation absorbs water, it expands and pushes against your foundation - this is referred to as hydrostatic pressure. When the force exceeds the strength of the wall, the wall cracks or breaks. As the soil dries, it pulls away from your foundation walls, creating weak areas. When the soil around the foundation gets wet again, this causes further weakening and inward movement.

This pressure can be caused by heavy rain, poor drainage, inadequate grading, expansion due to frost, and large tree roots. Other structures, such as a driveway or porch can also put pressure on your foundation walls and cause damage.

Horizontal cracks or water leaking through the foundation walls are early signs of increased hydrostatic pressures on your basement walls. If these problems are ignored, your walls can eventually fail.

Our proven bowing wall repairs

We recommend Supportworks' Geo-Lock™ Wall Anchor System to effectively stabilize your basement walls and potentially straighten your walls over time to prevent the need for expensive foundation replacement. If space around your foundation is limited, we offer alternative repair options for bowed basement walls, such as the PowerBrace™ System or CarbonArmor® Wall Reinforcing System. After analyzing your foundation problem, our experts can determine the best solution for your home's bowed walls. 

Installing Foundation Wall Anchors

At Thrasher, we recommend the Geo-Lock™ Wall Anchor System to stabilize failing foundation walls. We follow these six steps when installing our warrantied wall anchor system:

When foundation wall anchors won't work

Graphic render of an installed i-beam system home.

Saving a wall with the PowerBrace™ system. This innovative system stabilizes bowing walls and can even straighten walls over time.

In some cases, a wall anchor system can't be used to repair a bowing wall because the yard outside the house isn't accessible.

When we encounter this type of problem, we recommend installing the PowerBrace™ Foundation Wall System.

The PowerBrace™ System

PowerBrace™ is a patented foundation wall repair system that stabilizes failing basement walls, and can help to straighten walls over time.

This product is a great option when access to the yard outside of the home is not possible but bowing, buckling wall problems need to be solved.

The PowerBrace™ is an I-beam system that has several advantages over traditional "old school" systems.

This includes its rust-resistant zinc coating, and a design that makes it possible not only to stabilize bowing walls, but also to straighten these walls over a period of time.

More about the PowerBrace™ System.

Contact the foundation wall repair experts

A foundation repair is a big job -- something you definitely only want to do once! When you're repairing your foundation, beware of expensive options that will not actually fix your problem -- and watch out for quick solutions that just don't work.

At Thrasher, we're proud to provide warrantied solutions that will effectively solve issues with bowing, buckling foundation walls.

We provide free, no-obligation foundation wall repair inspections to homeowners in Bellevue, Council Bluffs, Kearney, Grand Island, Fremont, North Platte, Norfolk and nearby. Each inspection is made in person, on site, and is presented in writing. Contact us today to request your foundation inspection!

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