Gutter Installation Case Studies: Clogged Gutters Cause Settling Foundation in Lincoln

Monday, March 22nd, 2021 by Kendra Dunnigan


Clogged gutters and excessive runoff can cause problems for homeowners. For Terri, the issues had been going on for several years, but a large tree in the yard made it almost impossible to keep the gutters clean. The portion of her house near the tree is also slab-on-grade with frost footings, so it is even more susceptible to seasonal changes in the ground's moisture content. 

A slab-on-grade home does not have a basement or crawlspace under it. It quite literally is a home where the main floor is a slab that sits on a grade. In Lincoln, Nebraska and the entire Midwest, that also requires a deeper footing around the edge to prevent frost damage in the winter.

Terri started noticing cold air coming into her bedroom in the winter and hot air in the summer. After investigating, she found that there was a gap under her bedroom wall that went straight outside. She filled the space to help keep air out, but she knew that more was going on, and she knew she needed expert advice. 

Thrasher Foundation Repair Offers a One-Stop-Shop for Foundation Repair and Replacement Gutters

Terri reached out to Thrasher Foundation Repair due to a recommendation from someone she trusted.  Eric Wulf has been a System Design Specialist for Thrasher for over five years, and he was able to provide a thorough inspection of the problem area. Terri told Eric, "I will be staying in this house long term, but if I do sell, I don't want there to be a problem. I don't want to trip and fall. I don't want a draft coming in. I want a safe foundation and to prevent drywall cracks." After concluding his inspection and learning some of the home's background in conversation with Terri, Eric provided a solution. 

The immediate solution was seven Helical Piers to stabilize and lift the frost footing of the home.

Eric and Terri discussed that the clogged gutters and short downspout extension were likely a primary cause of the foundation problem. While the soil may have moved under the foundation anyway, managing the surface water probably would have prevented the situation in the first place. Terri didn't want to have to worry about other parts of her foundation, and she didn't want to have to climb up a ladder to clean out her gutters so often. Eric proposed Gutter Shutter, a replacement gutter system with a built-in leaf guard. This leaf guard ensures leaves and debris will not clog the gutters and will be maintenance-free. They also agreed to bury the downspouts away from the foundation to keep water away from the home and eliminate a trip hazard.



Homeowner Left Thrilled with the Results of her Repaired Foundation and New Clog-Proof Gutters

The Thrasher Foundation Repair team installed all of the foundation repairs in one day, and the gutter crew completed the gutter replacement on another day. The foundation lifted back to its original position and closed the gap under the wall.  

The gutters will provide maintenance-free, clog-free gutters, and the buried downspouts eliminate the trip hazard and drain water well away from the house.

In the end, Terri was thrilled and said, "They were fabulous! They did a great job. They asked questions, and were safe with a mask and got everything done. They were great! Great work, great guys; I finally feel at peace with my house."

The Results of Fixing a Sinking Foundation and Replacing Gutters in Lincoln, NE.

Photos of the job show a clean job site, restored foundation, and improved gutters and downspouts. Thrasher Foundation Repair provides Foundation Repair, Basement Waterproofing, Concrete Leveling, Egress Windows, and Clog-Free Gutters in Lincoln, NE and the surrounding area.

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