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Every home is unique, which is why we’ve got a variety of solutions to solve any basement, foundation, concrete or radon problem. Check out some of our work below.

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Garage Foundation Settlement Repaired with Piers

Foundation push piers helped to correct the foundation settlement occurring for this home in Valley Center, Kansas.

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Foundation Wall Repair Restores Home Value

Foundation walls repaired and restored by Thrasher foundation repair experts allow homeowners to sell their home for full asking price.

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Settling Concrete Driveway Slabs Lifted and Leveled with PolyLevel

Thrasher lifted and leveled this concrete driveway to close a 4-inch gap between the driveway and garage floor, preventing future foundation damage.

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Egress Window Provides Light and an Escape

The installation of an egress window provides an emergency exit, natural light and increase in home value for Omaha homeowner.

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Foundation Restored for Home Built in 1800s

Gordon and his wife live in a one story home that was built in the 1800’s, with limestone walls and a basement. Gordon noticed a growing gap at the top of an exterior wall on his home. He had been filling it in with foam, but it kept opening up.

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City of Grand Island Concrete Highway Repair

Thrasher used PolyLevel polyurethane foam to lift and level a patch of highway with settlement issues in Grand Island, Nebraska.

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Kansas State University Football Stadium Expansion

The Challenge The Bill Snyder Family Football Stadium at Kansas State University (KSU) in Manhattan, KS underwent renovations, including the expansion of the seating area into a piece of land with a large hill and steep grade. The hill would need to be removed to make room for the expansion while the current structure directly […]

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Lauritzen Gardens Stone Gate Stabilization

Thrasher Commercial Group helped stabilize and prevent future settlement for a stone gate at Lauritzen Gardens.

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Nebraska Highway Concrete Slab Lift and Level

Thrasher Commercial Group lifted and leveled a section of Highway 6 in Omaha, Nebraska, to improve ride quality and safety for motorists.

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Settling Foundation Stabilized for 1960s Council Bluffs Home

With 11 push piers, Thrasher crews stabilized foundation walls for a home experiencing foundation failure in Council Bluffs, IA.

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Wet Basement Problems Solved

Thrasher crews installed an interior drainage system, sump pump and dehumidifier to solve this homeowner’s wet basement problems.

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Home Humidity Problems Solved With Crawl Space Encapsulation

After years of problems with humidity in their home, the Andersons turned to Thrasher for crawl space encapsulation.

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Mold and Odors Resolved With Crawl Space Encapsulation

The Sabatka family resolved problems with mold and odors by hiring Thrasher for crawl space encapsulation.

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