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Tips to Preserve and Increase Home Value

Access hundreds of videos, photos, articles and other learning materials on topics ranging from foundation repair, basement waterproofing and  crawl space encapsulation to concrete repair, radon mitigation, egress windows and commercial products.

Surviving Your First Flooded Basement

  Nobody likes to think about a flooded basement at any time of the year. But, heavy Spring rains can wreak havoc on a compromised foundation. Whether it takes a 100-year flood, or your basement gets damp at the slightest hint of rain in the forecast, it is an unsettling experience and possibly a costly […]

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Basement Humidity: What’s Normal?

Learn from our basement repair expert how high basement humidity levels can lead to potential health issues including mold growth, dust mites and allergies.

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Extreme Flooding: When (and when not) to Remove Water From Your Basement

Removing water too quickly after your basement floods can cause serious damage to your home’s foundation. If you’ve got more than a foot of water in your basement, read this first.

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