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Access hundreds of videos, photos, articles and other learning materials on topics ranging from foundation repair, basement waterproofing and  crawl space encapsulation to concrete repair, radon mitigation, egress windows and commercial products.

How Foundation Soils Affect Your Foundation

What’s beneath your home? The simple answer is “the ground.” However, the real answer is a bit more complicated than that.   Depending on where you live, the ground may have a completely different composition than other parts of the country. Soils here in the Midwest tend to be more clay-based and present some unique […]

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Heavy Rains and Shifting Soil Impacts Your Foundation Walls

Here’s the good news. There’s nothing you can do to predict or prevent the sticking doors and windows, uneven floors and bowing walls that are caused by heavy rains, shifting soils and drought. It’s a deeper issue. And by deep, we mean the layers of soil that are deep beneath your home that are literally […]

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How to Identify and Repair Foundation Wall Cracks

So, you’ve found a crack in your basement wall… now what? Well, the first thing to do is to understand exactly what is happening and whether it presents a danger to your home’s foundation and structural integrity. The thing is, foundation cracks come in many varieties, and any one could be an indicator of a […]

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