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From Kevin's presentation to final clean-up, we couldn't have asked for anyone better....
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Reviews From Bellevue
Testimonials From Bellevue
Please thank all of the guys for their kindness and professional treatment. It was great meeting everyone but hope we don't need your services in the future...
Testimonial by Sherry E. from Bellevue, NE
I just received the results of the radon test conducted about a week
Testimonial by John P. from Bellevue, NE
I just received the results of the radon test conducted about a week after the mitigation system was installed.
Testimonial by John P. from Bellevue, NE

Has your home's foundation seen better days? Foundation problems are scary for any homeowner when they don't have a reliable contractor to turn to. Fortunately, Thrasher has over 40 years of experience providing top-tier foundation repair services to homeowners in Bellevue, NE. We also specialize in concrete leveling, basement waterproofing, and radon removal. Over our many years in business, Thrasher has become synonymous with quality and friendly service for homeowners throughout Nebraska. We can't help to get started on your home improvement needs!

Bellevue, NE residential foundation repair

The stability of your home's foundation depends mainly on how loose the soils around your home are. Rain readily infiltrates weak soil, making it shift, and when this water freezes or melts it creates even more movement. A foundation trapped in this moving soil will lead to various problems like foundation settlement and foundation heave. What does this mean for your home? Your property will experience the following symptoms:

  • Sagging floors and floor cracks
  • Wall cracks
  • Bowing walls
  • Sticking doors and windows
  • Tilting chimneys

If neglected, any of these problems have the potential to turn catastrophic - whole homes can settle, bowing walls can collapse, and chimneys can completely detach from your home. Additionally, if you're looking to sell your home, buyers won't touch a property with foundation issues. Safety and property value alone should be good enough reasons to invest in foundation repair from Thrasher.

Using products created by engineering professionals at Foundation Supportworks, Thrasher can solve any foundation issue that comes our way. We've even been known to help fix properties that other contractors had completely written off. Using foundation piers, wall anchors and braces, crawl space support jacks, or any combination of these products, we can provide a permanent solution to stabilize your foundation and restore your home.

Concrete leveling and lifting services

Most homes have some form of concrete features on the outside - it's a common building material that's almost impossible to avoid. However, the weight of concrete can cause some problems when soils aren't strong enough to bear the load. Concrete slab settlement is almost inevitable over the years - but now, there's a quick and easy way to fix it!

While other contractors might use traditional but inferior methods to treat concrete settlement, Thrasher trusts PolyLevel. PolyLevel is a two-part polyurethane foam that expands underground to lift and level concrete. Incredibly strong yet lightweight and environmentally friendly, PolyLevel can be trusted to last while offering minimal disturbance. PolyLevel can be used to fix any number of areas with concrete around your property, including:

  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Sidewalks
  • Garage floors
  • Pool decks

Transform your basement with basement waterproofing and crawl space encapsulation

Problems with basements often stem from leaky pipes, sump pump failure, or flooding during heavy rain. If you find that your basement has a musty smell, pooling water, or mold and mildew, then you need to call in the experts at Thrasher. We can repair water damaged walls and floor with matting and vapor barriers to seal out humidity and bugs while keeping the area energy-efficient. 

Our basement waterproofing products

  • Basement sump pumps
  • Interior perimeter drainage systems
  • Wall and floor crack repair
  • Basement dehumidifiers
  • Radiant & vapor barriers
  • Insulated basement wall panels

To eliminate standing water in your basement, the TripleSafe sump pump is the proven product that will get the job done. With a primary pump, secondary pump, as well as a third, battery operated backup pump, you can always have peace of mind knowing that your home is protected from water damage. In addition, our excellent drainage systems will deposit any water in your basement a safe distance away from the foundations of your house, keeping your home safe. 

We also offer versions of these products to keep your crawl space clean and dry. Crawl spaces are subjected to the elements even more than basements, and water in the crawl space will not only grow mold and mildew, but the odor and allergens will quickly travel into your home through your floors. Thrasher's crawl space vapor barriers will quickly and effectively solve this problem by sealing your crawl space!

Radon mitigation and more in Bellevue, NE

If your home has high radon levels, the time to act has already passed. According to the EPA, radon in a home above 4.0 pCi/L is a cause for concern, as radon gas is responsible for tens of thousands of cases of lung cancer in the US alone. And because it can only be detected by specific devices, radon detection and removal require professional assistance.

In order to keep families in Bellevue, NE safe, Thrasher offers radon mitigation systems designed to work with any home. Because every home is unique - radon enters in different ways and ventilation systems vary - our radon specialist will inspect your property and come up with a solution guaranteed to remove radon and stop it from re-entering. If you know radon levels in your home are high, or if you haven't had it looked at in a while, get in contact with Thrasher today.

Ready to get started on your foundation repair, concrete leveling, or basement remodeling project? Call Thrasher at 1-800-827-0702 or contact us online to schedule a free estimate today! We serve residential and commercial customers in Bellevue and cities nearby.

Press Releases From Bellevue
Thrasher is please to announce its recent hire of Scott Hazuka, who joined the team as our Sales Man...
Thrasher is please to announce its recent hire of Scott Hazuka, who joined the team as our Sales Manager. Within this role Hazuka will oversee and trains all of our System Design Specialists focusing his attention on their growth and advancement as a department.... [Read more]
Job Stories From Bellevue, NE
Water Damaged Basement Repaired in Bellevue

Robert and Linda of Bellevue, NE had water leaking in their basement and they needed a better way to direct it out. They knew that they needed professional help to effectively dry it out and to drain it out of the house and away from any foundations.

They called and made an appointment will System Design Specialist Kraig Schjodt who gave them a proposal on how to proceed. The team from Thrasher came in and installed a SuperSump pump to pump the water from the basement out. Then, they used drains and an IceGuard drain system to make sure that the water was drained out of the house and a safe distance away from the foundations.

Robert and Linda were happy at how quickly their basement was dry and back to normal. The project only took a day to complete and now they can enjoy their basement again. 

Water Damaged Basement Repaired in Bellevue - Photo 1Water Damaged Basement Repaired in Bellevue - Photo 2Water Damaged Basement Repaired in Bellevue - Photo 3Water Damaged Basement Repaired in Bellevue - Photo 4Water Damaged Basement Repaired in Bellevue - Photo 5Water Damaged Basement Repaired in Bellevue - Photo 6
Water Damaged Basement Floor Repaired

Vikki of Bellevue, NE had water damage in her basement floor and she needed it to be dried out. Then, the tile that had been subjected to water damage needed to be replaced with new tile. She searched for a viable solution to her problem and found that Thrasher was her best option.

Thrasher installed a SaniDry XP dehumidifier and SaniDry ducting. Both of these worked to dry out the area in the basement that had had water damage and to then irrigate the water out of the house effectively. The floor was replaced with TD Tile to cover up the old, water damaged tile.

The project took two days to complete in its entirety. Now Vikki doesn’t have to worry about her basement tiles looking water-damaged. 

Water Damaged Basement Floor Repaired - Photo 1Water Damaged Basement Floor Repaired - Photo 2Water Damaged Basement Floor Repaired - Photo 3Water Damaged Basement Floor Repaired - Photo 4Water Damaged Basement Floor Repaired - Photo 5Water Damaged Basement Floor Repaired - Photo 6
Leaning Walls and Leaky Pump Repaired.

Jim of Bellevue, NE noticed that his sump pump was not working as efficiently as it could and that it needed to be replaced. There was some water damage due to the poor drainage of the sump pump as well. To add to that, his walls in this basement were leaning and he knew that that could cause further foundational issues. He contacted Thrasher to help him come up with a solution.

A new SuperSump sump pump was installed to his house to replace the old one and WaterGuard drain systems were put in place so that the water could be drained more efficiently out of the house. To address the issue of the leaning walls, Thrasher installed Geo-Lock wall anchors and covers to help gradually stabilize and correct any leaning of the basement walls over time.

The project only took two days to install and now Jim doesn’t have to worry about how the water from his sump pump will drain effectively. As well, his walls will be safe for years to come. 

Radon Defense Done Efficiently and Effectively

William of Bellevue, NE wanted to protect his home against the harmful effects of radon after reading about how it can be a cause of cancer. He wanted a professional service that could get the job done quickly and without a lot of invasion into his house. After researching, he decided on Thrasher.

Thrasher installed a basic radon mitigation system in William’s home using soffit penetration. Soffit penetration involves the outlet for the mitigation system being routed out of the soffit of the roof so that it becomes minimally invasive to the overall house.

The project only took one day to complete and now William can sleep well knowing that his house is safe from the effects of radon.  

Cracked Brick Garage Wall Repaired

Roger of Bellevue, NE was alarmed when he saw a large crack down the side of the brick wall next of his garage. Concerned that there might be a problem with the foundations under the wall, he called Thrasher to quickly try to find a solution so that his garage would not be permanently damaged.

Thrasher installed two helical piers at the base of the cracked garage wall. The helical piers, which are shaped somewhat like a screw, are inserted under the wall and into the soil underneath to provide the extra support needed when the soil alone is not enough to support the weight of the wall.

The project took only one day and now Roger’s garage can stand tall and proud again. 

Cracked Brick Garage Wall Repaired  - Photo 1Cracked Brick Garage Wall Repaired  - Photo 2Cracked Brick Garage Wall Repaired  - Photo 3Cracked Brick Garage Wall Repaired  - Photo 4Cracked Brick Garage Wall Repaired  - Photo 5Cracked Brick Garage Wall Repaired  - Photo 6
Foundation Repaired With Piers In Bellevue, NE

Tom H.  noticed his foundation beginning to settle at his Bellevue home.  He knew he needed to fix the problem before it got any worse.  He was listening to the radio one day while he heard an ad that could be the answer to his problems.  That answer was Thrasher Basement Systems. 

He made an appointment for a free inspection and estimate with foundation specialist Tom Bilyeu.   Tom  met them to discuss the repairs that he felt would give him the longest-lasting results. Foreman Jim Hesse and his crew got to work immediately.  They installed push piers to stop foundation settlement and lift the foundation. 

Tom was surprised at how fast his foundation was fixed!  Not only was the foundation stabilized, but it looked good as new.   If there is ever a need for foundation repair in the future,  the Bellevue homeowners know exactly who to call.  

Action Taken To Reduce Radon Levels in Bellevue Home

After learning about the health risks of exposure to radon,  Amanda B. decided to test for it. Upon reading the results she was shocked to see the high levels of radon in her home.  Something needed to be done. After searching the internet she found her answer, Thrasher Basement Systems. 

She immediately called and scheduled and appointment with sales rep. Barry Cavanagh. He recommended a radon mitigation system and a sump pump cover to seal the pit. Within a couple days Jason Carlin was there to do the work, providing her with a safer home to live in. 

These together would alleviate worries for radon gases entering her home and improve the air quality.  The homeowner is happy to have taken these steps to ensure she is not breathing in unsafe levels of radon .

Water Intrusion In Bellevue Basement

Michael F. of Bellevue Nebraska noticed water coming through the walls in his basement.  He wanted to make sure it was not going to lead to a more serious problem. After searching the web he found Thrasher Basement Systems and thought they would make a good fit.

Shortly after giving them a call, an appointment was set for Mike Holverson to come evaluate the basement. Mike decided that having Felipe Valdez install a WaterGuard system and a TripleSafe Sump Pump would be the best bet to get rid of any water. WaterGuard is a drainage channel that will lead any water coming into the basement to the TripleSafe pump, where it will be then pumped out of the home a safe distance away.

Michael F. has been very happy and having no issues with water coming into his basement. It is now a dry and will stay that way for many years to come!