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We selected Thrasher based upon reputation, customer service, a fair price, a clear and logical explanation of the solution
Testimonial by Paul a. from Bennington, NE

Are you looking for help with foundation repair, concrete leveling, radon mitigation, basement waterproofing, or crawl space encapsulation in Bennington? Thrasher is Nebraska’s largest and most trusted home repair company. We specialize in repairing foundations, concrete, wet basements, and damp crawl spaces. Our motto is “There's only one right way” and we stand behind that with our highly-experienced inspectors and crews, proven products, transferable warranties and interest-free financing. You can trust that you’re getting the best solution for your home or business, no matter what the problem.

Learn about the services we provide in Bennington and the surrounding area, or contact us today to schedule your free inspection and estimate!

Proven Residential & Commercial Foundation Repair Solutions in Bennington, NE

Thrasher is trained and skilled in the latest foundation repair techniques. We can effectively repair any settlement-related problem, from foundation cracks, bowing basement walls, uneven floors, settlement sinking - you name it, we can fix it. Using patented products from Foundation Supportworks, we offer a fast, cost-effective, proven solution to your foundation and structural repair needs in Bennington, NE.

We offer a wide range of foundation, structural and concrete repair solutions, such as:

  • Helical/push pier systems
  • Wall anchors
  • Shotcrete
  • Crawl space jacks
  • Polyurethane concrete slab leveling

Most foundation repair jobs take less than a week to complete and our services include a detailed written estimate and many of our products include a written warranty. Call us today to request a free foundation inspection Bennington or the surrounding area.

Your Responsible Basement Waterproofing & Egress Window Contractor

If you have a damp, leaky basement or issues with basement flooding, Thrasher is your expert for a proven, cost-effective basement waterproofing solution. No matter what’s causing your wet basement problem, we can fix it! We’ll inspect your home inside and out and design and install a waterproofing system to meet your needs.

Having a wet or leaky basement is not only an inconvenience, but the moisture, dampness and mold caused by the water can lead to health problems and added repair expenses. That’s why we offer a full range of basement repairs and waterproofing solutions designed to tackle the problem:

  • Basement sump pumps
  • Interior perimeter drainage systems
  • Wall and floor crack repair
  • Basement dehumidifiers
  • Radiant & vapor barriers
  • Insulated basement wall panels

Our patented WaterGuard drainage system doesn’t require excavation, can typically be installed in just two days and includes a transferable lifetime warranty! We also install and replace basement egress windows and window wells. Our RockWell™ egress window products help provide for a safer and more beautiful home while helping to keep your basement dry. Contact us to learn more and get a free basement inspection or egress window estimate.

PolyLevel Concrete Lifting & Leveling Services in Bennington

Is your sidewalk or driveway sinking and uneven? How about your patio or front porch steps? Uneven concrete not only looks bad, but it can also be a dangerous tripping hazard. Concrete leveling is faster, less disruptive and more cost-effective than tearing out and replacing the concrete.

Thrasher uses a process called PolyLevel to permanently lift and stabilize sinking concrete slabs with a high-density polyurethane formula. PolyLevel concrete repair offers many advantages:

  • Lightweight - Won’t add weight to existing soil
  • Waterproof - Won’t wash out
  • High-capacity - Lifts heavy loads
  • Minimal disruption to your slab and property
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Great for leveling sidewalks, driveways, pool decks

If you have a slab foundation or concrete outside your home that you need re-leveled, Thrasher is your expert contractor. Call today to schedule your free, no-obligation inspection and estimate!

Trusted Crawl Space Encapsulation & Repair

Do you have a damp, nasty crawl space below your home? How about musty odors inside your home or cold floors over your crawl space? Thrasher solves these problems with our state-of-the-art CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation system.

We install the moisture barrier on the crawl space floor to eliminate excess moisture and musty smells. Crawl space insulation is added to the walls for added comfort and energy efficiency. What you get is a dry, usable crawl space and improved comfort and healthier air inside your home.

We offer a full range of crawl space repair & encapsulation solutions in Bennington, including:

  • Crawl space dehumidifiers
  • Crawl space sump pumps
  • Vapor barriers
  • Access doors and access wells
  • Crawl space structural supports

Radon Mitigation & Indoor Air Quality Systems in Bennington

If you think you might have radon gas seeping into your home, it's time to take action. We help homeowners in Bennington, NE with radon testing, and can even provide a FREE quote for the cost of a radon mitigation system for your home. Our radon gas mitigation systems are from the trusted National Radon Defense network and are scientifically proven for radon abatement.

We also provide indoor air quality systems and services for your home or business including the installation of indoor air cleaners and dehumidifiers. We also offer vapor intrusion mitigation to remove other hazardous vapors from your soil beyond radon gas.

Our inspectors have a minimum of 10 years of industry experience and their focus is to understand the cause of your specific problem and recommend the best solution for your home. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection of your foundation, basement, crawl space, or radon levels in Bennington or the surrounding area.

Job Stories From Bennington, NE
Radon Effects Eliminated in Household

Jill and Dan of Bennington, NE were concerned by the water that was leaking into their basement and they knew that they needed professional help to remove it and keep it from happening again. As well, they tested their home for radon and found that it came back positive. They very much wanted to make sure that they would be safe from the harmful effects of radon in their home, so they called Thrasher for help.

Thrasher first addressed the problem of the water leakage in the basement. They installed a SaniDry XP dehumidifier and a TripleSafe sump pump to pump out the water that was in the basement. As well, the put in an IceGuard to direct the water efficiently out of the house and away from the house foudnations

To fix the radon problem, they installed a basic radon mitigation system with an interior aesthetic package. As well, they had a Breath EZ filter and a noise reduction muffler installed so that the side effects of having a mitigation system inside the house would be reduced. This project only took two days to install. The products installed, combined with a 10 year warranty will ensure that Jill and Dan will be safe from radon for years to come. 

Homeowners Repair Creeping Driveway Before Closing

Adam and Jessica of Bennington, NE were excited about closing the sale on their home, but they wanted to get part of the driveway fixed before they closed officially. Their driveway was pushing up into the foundations of their house and so they needed a way to resolve that before they sold their house. Thrasher was accommodating and they came in and installed the day that they closed on their house.

The reason that the driveway was pushing into the foundations of their house was because of street creeping. When the weather is either really hot or cold, then the pavement in the street compresses and expands which causes it to press against the pavement in certain driveway situations. Because the pavement is pushing against the driveway pavement, the driveway pushes into the foundations of the house and, gradually, the foundations and walls can begin to crack and become unstable. A Street Creep Stopper was installed in Adam and Jessica’s home to fix and prevent the problem of street creeping.

The project only took a day and then Adam and Jessica were able to sell their home with satisfaction and move on with their lives. 

Geo-Lock Creates Security For Homeowner

James of Bennington, NE noticed that his basement wall was beginning to lean in a bit. Then he noticed that the same was true of his outside walls. He knew something was wrong and that if he did nothing, that it would only get worse over time and possibly cause permanent damage to his house’s foundations. He researched the best contractors in his area and chose Thrasher.

Thrasher installed Geo-Lock wall anchors in the ground under his house. The way Geo-Lock anchors work is that they are first imbedded in the soil away from the wall and then in the wall itself. In this way, the wall can be corrected over time and the foundation of the wall can stay intact.

The project only took one day to install and James is now happy that his walls will be on their way to being straighter and supporting his house better than ever. 

Homeowners Can Breathe EZ Thanks to Thrasher

Jim and Patty of Bennington, NE were worried about the dangers of having radon in the home. So, they got their house tested and they decided that they wanted a professional to come in and mitigate their home so that they wouldn’t be at risk for absorbing radon. In their search for a good contractor, they found Thrasher.

Thrasher came in and installed a basic radon mitigation system as well as an exterior aesthetic package. The exterior aesthetic package ensures that the mitigation system is contained neatly on the outside of the house and is not intrusive. As well, they also had a Breath EZ filter installed to help with the poor air quality in their house.

The project only took one day to install. Jim and Patty no longer have to worry about the dangers of radon coming into their home’s air. 

Bennington Residents Take Action Against Radon

Bill and Sherie of Bennington, NE were concerned about the harmful effects of having radon in one’s home. So, they got their house tested and they decided that they wanted a professional to come in and mitigate their home so that they wouldn’t be at risk for absorbing radon. When looking for just the right person, they found Thrasher.

Thrasher came in and installed a basic radon mitigation system with a 10 year warranty as well as an interior aesthetic package. The interior aesthetic package ensures that the mitigation system is well contained and presented neatly within the home with the benefit that it cannot be seen from the outside of the house. To add to this, they also had a noise reduction muffler installed so that the presence of the mitigation system would be felt even less.

The project only took one day to install and it has ensured that Bill and Sherie do not have to worry about the harmful effects of radon coming into contact with them while they are n their home. 

Radon Mitigation System Reduces Health Risk in Bennington

Local homeowners Jenny & Marv K. were worried about the effects of high radon levels in their home. They decided to conduct a radon test and take action if necessary. The self-test reading was well above the “safe” level of 4 pCi/L. Jenny heard from a friend about Thrasher,  who could help lower the radon levels in their Bennington home.

Mr. & Mrs. K scheduled an inspection and estimate with Thrasher Basement Systems. Radon removal specialist Aaron Hunter recommended that a radon mitigation system be installed. Radon mitigation reduces radon levels to a safer amount. Barry Cavanagh came shortly after to install the system that will help get the harmful, dangerous gases away from the home through piping.

Now the homeowners can be rest assured that the air that they are breathing is safe and healthy!

Push Piers Remedy Settling Foundation in Bennington

After noticing his foundation slowly sinking over time in one corner of his Bennington home, Mike K. decided to do some research on the internet. He wanted to know what options he had to remedy the settling foundation. He then decided to give Thrasher a call. 

Thrasher immediately sent out foundation specialist Tom Keck to evaluate the issues mentioned. After an adequate review of the foundation, Tom recommended a long-term solution for Mike.  When Thrasher technician Jim Hesse arrived on site, he installed the 7 Push Piers to secure the foundation.  This system uses foundation brackets secured against the existing footing and pier sections driven in hydraulically to lift and secure the structure. 

Thrasher's technicians were so knowledgeable and reliable that Mike's foundation  problem was solved once and for all!


Waterproofing and Wall System for Dark, Leaky Basement

Mark & Gretchen E. had water seeping into their unfinished basement. This disturbing problem can be a very stressful one for homeowners, but fortunately they knew who to go to for their basement waterproofing & finishing needs.

Soon after their call, Shane McClintic of Thrasher Basement Systems was at the Bennington, NE home to assess the situation. It was determined that the best course of action was for Salvador Lopez to install a WaterGuard drainage system that would guide water to a TripleSafe sump pump (that would also be installed). Together they would pump all the unwanted water away from the home, with a battery back-up system for extra peace of mind.  Also, to give the basement a more finished and clean look, he would install the EverLast Wall system. A wall system used to brighten and clean up spaces. 

Mark  & Gretchen can now be rest assured that their once leaky and dim basement, which was a cause of stress and frustration, can now become a relaxing worry-free environment for them.