Midwest Foundation Repair is a sister company to Thrasher Foundation Repair. Midwest has been serving customers in Central Iowa since 1995 from an office in Des Moines. 

Midwest offers customers basement waterproofing, foundation repair, crawlspace encapsulation, and concrete leveling with an expert installation team. It was founded by two brothers, Tim and Bill, in an effort to bring a better contractor experience to central Iowa customers that have basement waterproofing issues. They quickly added other related services to form the list of services still offered today.

Midwest's award-winning service starts with our friendly office staff and continues with our inspection team's consultative approach. They will design a system that makes sense for your home that will solve your problem. We are not a one-trick-pony company that only offers one solution to problems. We have a suite of solutions so that we can customize based on your situation. We often refer to the old saying, "When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail." This is an approach some contractors take because they only have one solution, and they have to try to make it fit every problem. We pride ourselves on evaluating the situation, educating homeowners on options, and building a custom solution.

Just like Thrasher, Midwest Foundation Repair is a member of the Basement Systems and Supportworks networks. These networks are made up of the most knowledgeable and experienced foundation repair and basement waterproofing contractors in North America. Sharing best practices and coupling those with state-of-the-art products provides customers with the best solutions available on the market. 

All of our standard practices are shared between Thrasher and Midwest, and our teams work in unison to support each other as needed. This gives us the advantage of local customer service with the backing of a regional company. It also gives us more flexibility when mother nature brings more rain to one area or another. 

In our business, rainfall can make us extremely busy, and by working together, we can help customers more quickly after those large rain events.

The Midwest founders also were the inventors of PowerBrace, a solution for bowing basement walls. As their patented system grew in popularity across the country, they opened a manufacturing facility in Des Moines next door to the Midwest office. Thrasher became a dealer for PowerBrace in the late '90s and became friends with the Midwest team. Over time as running PowerBrace became a full-time job, the Midwest founders decided to shift their focus full time to manufacturing their patented system. Due to the friendship with Thrasher, they reached out and partnered with the Thrasher team to take over the Midwest business's operations.

Midwest Foundation Repair serves communities all over central Iowa.