In my 1920's house the basement had walls that were cracked and bowing in. During heavy rain storms water would be gushing in, so needless to say I could not store anything in the basement. I also needed an egress window that I could actually get out of in case I was trapped during a storm or fire. I needed everything. The consultation was very informative and the representative was polite and not pushy at all. Of course, I knew what I wanted and had done a little research. I knew it would be expensive but I wanted it done right. I couldn't be more happy with the results the crews were all very polite, on time and worked very hard and always had a smile for me. Earlier this week I had the first real test since they finished. I'm not sure how much rain we got that day but at times I could barely see the house across the street and the water was running off my roof like a waterfall. The basement was dry. No more water, mud or mold. Now I don't dread doing the laundry. Can't wait to build some shelves so I can store the items I only use once in a while.