Thrasher installed a new double-paned window and decorative fiberglass well.

The project also included the installation of an exterior sump pump.

The homeowner wanted to add a bedroom in the basement of this ranch house that was built in the 1950’s.  Code dictates that, in order to have a bedroom in a basement, there must be an escape route in case of an emergency.  An egress window solves this issue by offering occupants a way out.

The customer was happy with the efficiency of the crew (who completed the project in less than 2 days) and glad she selected the decorative well, which blended in seamlessly with the rest of the house.

Thrasher excavated the entire area where the window was to be installed, cut out an opening for the new window, and framed and installed a double-paned, vinyl sliding window.  In order for the well to drain properly, an exterior sump pump was installed at the bottom of the well and connected to an underground pipe that terminated at the street.  After installing the pump, Thrasher attached the fiberglass well to the house, backfilled the excavated area, and covered the entire area with seed and straw.

Leawood KS Exterior Sump Pump
A new double-paned window has been installed, along with an exterior sump pump and decorative fiberglass well.
Leawood KS Egress Window
The installation of the egress window and exterior sump pump is complete.