Egress Window Installed Exterior


Sometimes when people call Thrasher Foundation Repair, it’s not because something is wrong with their home, but because they want something more from their home. This was the case when Krystal Kosmicki called Thrasher. Krystal and her husband were looking to become foster parents and they needed more room to accommodate their growing family.

Old Egress Interior and Exterior


The Kosmicki’s home in Eagle was in desperate need of more livable space, however the main floor was out of room. The only remaining option, outside of a prohibitively expensive addition or moving, was to make better use of the basement, and that would require an egress solution. The Kosmicki’s had two friends in the construction trades and both agreed – "only Thrasher" was their professional recommendation.


Thrasher sent out a System Design Specialist who inspected the home, took measurements and pictures and then sat down with the Kosmicki’s. Krystal described her as super prepared, very informative and detail oriented. Krystal was impressed, “The best part – I shared my concerns, what was going to happen, what I feared might happen. They were receptive. They heard me. They explained and showed me things that helped me to understand what was going to happen and what was not going to happen.” 

Thrasher offers a 10-year product warranty for our basement egress window installations, along with a 5-year workmanship guarantee to provide the homeowner with peace of mind. In addition, we manage all permits and code regulations while working on your basement egress window project and, as basement and foundation experts, we know how to cut into foundation walls and complete fast, accurate egress window installations that prevent water issues down the line.

“The guys on the crew were professional and kind.”, Krystal shared. “They were super polite, took their shoes off and knocked before entering each time. They kept me informed the entire time.”


"We are now able to take foster children, because we have the extra room we needed," Krystal said. "Our home increased in value, we have that third bedroom that we didn't have before. And safety for our children. And we have an easily accessible window to get out of in case of emergency."

At Thrasher, our team of foundation repair experts have the experience, training, and high-quality egress window products you need to create a beautiful, usable space in your basement. For more information on how Thrasher Foundation Repair can deliver exceptional results on your home improvement project, give us a call at 800-827-0702.