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Basement window wells are unique in their ability to bring natural light into your home. Egress window wells are especially important in your basement as they can transform the mood from that of a dungeon to a bright, welcome space in your home – as well as provide important means of exit in an emergency.

At Thrasher, our egress window wells are constructed from a single mold that is large enough to let light in, but is much more energy efficient and durable than older steel and aluminum basement windows.

Our durable well cover also adds a layer of protection against the elements by firmly sealing off the window well itself from the outside, while allowing light to pass through freely. Rated to support up to 500 pounds, our well covers add an element of safety as well as comfort.

Our specially designed window wells offer the appearance of fine masonry with the strength and durability of heavy-duty composite construction. The one-piece design eliminates the potential for leaks and features a built-in step. A clear, polycarbonate cover keeps your window well clear of rain and debris.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • In addition to adding a layer of protection against the elements, it adds a means of escape or access, into your basement.

  • Horizontal dimensions should be large enough to allow the window or door to be fully opened.

  • A hole is excavated next to the foundation large enough to accommodate the one-piece well. The window wells mount directly to the foundation wall. Proper drainage, if appropriate, is connected.

  • A great, modern option are molded composite egress window wells. They are a one-piece system that can better control the water if installed properly. It’s common for long-term warranties to accompany these one-piece window wells.

  • Some homeowners choose to add a cover for additional safety so children, pets or other adults don’t fall into the open well. Egress window covers can also help protect against inclement weather – think hail, snow, fall leaves, and occasional wildlife.

  • Routinely cleaning out any leaves or other windblown debris and checking to make sure the drain is open and functioning so water doesn’t collect in the well, is all that is needed.

  • It gives you protection from the elements and it has a stair feature that makes it easier to escape or, for emergency personnel to enter the basement.

  • 10-year product warranty and 5-year workmanship guarantee for added peace of mind.

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