The basement wall in this home was cracked and leaking into the workshop.

It is often necessary to remove finished walls to determine if there are hidden cracks behind them.

Even though there were no visible cracks in the basement wall, water was leaking into the homeowners’ workshop, which contained expensive tools and equipment. When the workshop was cleared out and the finished wall in the affected area was removed, significant cracks were discovered. Thrasher installed an interior drain tile system that terminated in a sump pump.

Unfortunately, many homeowners in the Kansas City area have to contend with wet basements.  Whenever possible, we prefer to deal with the water on the outside to prevent it from entering the home in the first place. In this case, however, the water had to be contained on the inside.  With a plastic edge drain installed along with a drain tile system heading to the sump pump, water will never reach the floor.  We also injected the cracks with epoxy to insure the water would be directed downward, if not kept out completely.

Thrasher not only installed the interior drain tile system, but also recommended a great handyman to remove and replace the finished wall in the basement.  Most companies have a “one size fits all” approach to dealing with water infiltration. Fortunately, Thrasher can deal with water issues from just about any angle, using a wide array of products for both commercial and residential applications.

Overland Park Interior Waterproofing During Installation
A trench has been cut in the basement floor for the drain tile system installation, which has been covered with gravel, and a plastic edge drain has been installed against the wall.
Overland Park Interior Waterproofing After Installation
The trench has been filled in with concrete, and the walls have been injected with epoxy. The system is connected to a sump pump, and the area is ready for new finished walls.

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