Owners of public buildings must be very cautious about having tripping hazards on sidewalks.

All concrete slabs settle – it’s a matter of when, not if, it will happen.

The Raytown School District has used Thrasher Foundation Repair on many occasions to maintain the safety of the sidewalks and flatwork around their schools and office buildings.

Owners of most public buildings are required to repair any public sidewalk or entryway that has more than 3/4″ differential movement from one piece of flatwork to another.

Thrasher was hired to eliminate any potential tripping hazards along the sidewalks and entryways at one of the district’s office buildings.  We were able to return all of the concrete flatwork to the original condition without interrupting their working schedule or the function of the facility.

Before Raytown Mudjacking
Before:  A portion of the concrete at the entryway had settled, creating a potential tripping hazard.
After Raytown Mudjacking
After:  The concrete has been mudjacked so that is now level.