The north side and northeast corner of this beautiful A-frame church had been showing signs of settlement for several years.

When the settlement began to affect the functionality of an exit door in the basement, an engineering firm was hired to design a repair plan.

Thrasher Foundation Repair took elevations of the structure to determine the extent of the settlement in order to develop a plan to stabilize and lift the building in the area that had settled. Our in-house engineer designed the pier layout, working hand-in-hand with Bob D. Campbell Engineering, the engineer-of-record hired in advance by the parish.

Thrasher Foundation Repair was recommended for this project by Bob D. Campbell Engineering, and was asked to assess the problem and develop a repair plan. We had also previously completed a project at a Catholic church in Garnett, KS and were highly recommended by them to St. Patrick’s parish.

The foundation repair plan included installation of 36 resistance piers.  A variety of pier sizes and designs were used, including AP2-3500, AP2-4000, AP2-4500 and AP2-UFVL-4000.  The varying live and dead loads throughout the affected area determined the different sizes and bracket designs.

Excavation of the existing foundation went down 15 feet to the bottom of the exterior footings.  The piers were installed both inside and out per the engineer’s design.  The average spacing of the piers was 3’-6”; the average installation depth was 42 feet to load-bearing strata.  Once all the piers were installed, the building was lifted and stabilized.  Finally, the excavated soil was replaced and the site was seeded for new grass.

foundation repair kansas city ks
Thrasher Foundation Repair repaired the foundation at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Kansas City, KS.
excavation for foundation repair kansas city ks
Excavating along the affected wall to prepare for the installation of resistance piers.