More than just homes

Thrasher Foundation repair is known best for repairing residential homes, but that’s not all we do. 

Thrasher was started in 1975 by Greg and Nancy Thrasher, and they have built their company and reputation by serving the homeowner well and treating each customer as the most important customer they have. This philosophy has served the company well, and we built a reputation for quality and commitment. However, this philosophy doesn’t end with residential homeowners but extends into the commercial, municipalities, utilities, agriculture, DOT, and property management world.     

Thrasher Foundation Repair’s comprehensive list of products and services has applications for every building structure and is even applicable to the very roads we drive on every day.  

When Thrasher Foundation Repair works with a commercial project manager, we are not just completing a project. We are partnering with the project manager to create an effortless experience to solve their problems. We realize that the work we contracted to install is typically not a welcomed expense but is usually necessary. It is knowing that we always strive to offer solutions, not problems. 

At the outset of a bidding project, we are extremely transparent on our solutions and our pricing. We will explain in detail the solution we are providing and help our customers fully understand what is included in our bid and why our solution is the best solution for them. We also have eight in-house engineers that assist with designs and load calculations. We leave nothing to chance and want to be sure that your project will go entirely as planned.   

Once a project is agreed to, we utilize hard scheduling techniques. This means that once we give you an install date, we are committed to that date. Of course, if something changes for you, we are willing to accommodate, but our date won’t change due to us. We believe that this is the best way to do business, and we want you, our customers, to be able to count on us.   

On the day of install, we prioritize your experience and the quality of work. We want to make sure that the project can go smoothly for you and be as easy as possible. Our goal is to be the most straightforward contractor to work with on-site. This means that we will call you on the way to the job site, and once there, we will review the project with your before beginning work to ensure alignment with your goals. Once we start your project, we are singularly committed to the project until completion. We will not pull off-site to work on another project but will stay focused on completing your work on the timeline that we agreed to. Once the project is complete, we will review the entire scope of the work with your on-site personnel and make sure that all questions are answered.  

Our priority is you, our customer. 

We want to create a true partnership where we both can be happy about our experience and the result of the project.   

All this being said, don’t take our word for it. Read a few of the great reviews above to see what our commercial customers have to say about their partnership with us.