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The concrete repair team at Thrasher Foundation Repair loves making customers happy by fixing their concrete problems!!  This page is dedicated to sharing the reviews and testimonials that our crews get regularly.  Our concrete repair teams solve problems like uneven concrete, cracking driveways, sinking steps, trip hazards, and patios sloping toward houses.  These problems are best addressed with our concrete leveling system called PolyLevel.  Polylevel is a lot like mudjacking only cleaner and longer lasting.  It is an expansive polymer that lifts concrete.  It is lightweight and safe for the environment. 

Our crews not only lift sinking concrete, but they seal joints, repair cracks, and seal the surface of concrete.  This allows the concrete to stay stable and last much longer.  Sealed joints and cracks prevent water from washing out soil that supports the concrete.  This in turn prevents the concrete from moving, cracking, and creating trip hazards. 

Sealing the surface of concrete protects if from the elements that mother nature throws at it.  This includes protecting it from damage like pitting, flaking, and cracking.  Our sealant also helps protect against staining from oil drips.  SealantPro is a sealant that penetrates deep into the pores of the concrete meaning that it only has to be applied once to protect the concrete long term.

Our goal is to provide such a remarkable customer experience that you will want to give us a 5 star review when we are done.  Our business thrives on customer referrals so your testimonial goes a long way toward helping us reach our goals!!