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Brighten Your Basement with an Egress Window

Basement windows tend to be one of the most common areas for energy loss in a home. This is because all windows are thinner, lighter, and nowhere near as effective in maintaining your conditioned space when compared to the walls they’re built into.

Basement window wells are unique in their ability to bring natural light into your home. Egress window wells are especially important in your basement as they can transform the mood from that of a dungeon to a bright, welcome space in your home – as well as provide important means of exit in an emergency.

Egress Window Advantages

As the popularity of basement finishing has increased, building codes have evolved to keep pace. Recent updates require “egress windows” (windows large enough to climb out of in case of emergency) to be installed in finished basements.

Along with the egress window, a large window well must be installed outside with steps to allow for easy evacuation in an emergency.

Thrasher Egress Window Advantages:

  • Durable Construction
  • Attractive Design
  • Stair-Step Design Allows For Easy Exit
  • A Well Cover Keeps Out Water, Debris, & Cold Winter Winds
  • UV-Stable, Rustproof Design
  • Stands Up To Extreme Temperatures

Beautiful Basement Windows

At Thrasher, we make it a priority to ensure that your basement windows are as bright, long-lasting, and as energy efficient as they can be.

Our windows, window wells, and egress windows are designed to maximize natural light, protect your windows from the elements, and save you as much money as possible on your home’s utility bills.

Let our experts demonstrate how we can save you money by upgrading your basement window well. The quotes we provide for all basement improvements are free, and come with no obligation. Each egress window quote includes a professional on-site inspection, a customized cost breakdown, and a free copy of our 88-page book!

Upgrade Your Basement Windows

If your basement windows are old, ugly, and drafty, they are probably costing you more money than you think. If each window well is also in bad condition they are probably doing more harm than good. When basement windows and window wells are not of quality construction, they won’t protect your basement from the elements. Rather, they’re allowing excess moisture, humidity, and cold drafts to enter your basement, along with ants, termites and other pests.

At Thrasher, we recommend the following three upgrades:

1) Improve Your Window Wells

During cold Midwestern winters, the wind will beat against your basement windows and rapidly pull heat away from your home. This leads to serious energy losses, especially if you have single-paned steel windows. At Thrasher, our egress window wells are constructed from a single mold that is large enough to let light in, but is much more energy efficient and durable than older steel and aluminum basement windows.

Our durable well cover also adds a layer of protection against the elements by firmly sealing off the window well itself from the outside, while allowing light to pass through freely. Rated to support up to 500 pounds, our well covers add an element of safety as well as comfort.

2) Increase Efficiency with New Windows

Old-fashioned basement windows typically have metal frames and single-pane glass. When the metal rusts, the window pane no longer fits properly in the frame, leaving room for drafts and energy loss.

Thrasher has a solution. Our energy efficient vinyl windows are a dramatic durability and efficiency improvement over older basement windows. Insulated, double-pane glass in our egress windows adds another layer of efficiency over drafty single-pane windows. Instead of living with a weathered look, difficult operation and poor energy performance, have Thrasher install new vinyl basement windows.

3) Install Covered Egress Window Wells

Installing an egress window can complete your basement finishing project. Enlarge the window opening, allow for more natural light and, satisfy newer building code requirements for an emergency escape route from your basement.

Our egress windows feature rugged, no-maintenance vinyl frames that are easy to operate. Insulated glass ensures energy-efficient performance. Our specially designed window wells offer the appearance of fine masonry with the strength and durability of heavy-duty composite construction. The one-piece design eliminates the potential for leaks and features a built-in step. A clear, polycarbonate cover keeps your window well clear of rain and debris.


Upgrade to an Egress Window

Upgrading your basic basement window to an egress window can completely transform your basement. Enlarge the window opening, allow for more natural light and, satisfy newer building code requirements for an emergency escape route from your basement. Our egress windows feature no-maintenance vinyl frames that are easy to use. Insulated glass ensures energy-efficient performance. Specially designed window wells offer the appearance of masonry with the durability of heavy-duty composite construction. A one-piece design eliminates the potential for leaks and features a built-in step in case of emergency.

Long-Lasting Egress & Basement Windows

When you replace your old, outdated basement windows with new, energy efficient ones you add comfort, value, and energy efficiency to your home. When the time comes to make the upgrade, we have the long-lasting, energy saving solution you need. Call or email us today for a free egress window inspection and cost estimate. 

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