Home Exterior Wall Bowed Inwards, Leaking Significantly, Repaired

Thrasher recommended and installed a permanent foundation repair solution.

This Kansas City homeowner initially called Thrasher for an estimate to repair cracks in the front foundation wall. When our field consultant visited the home, he discovered that the cracks were a symptom of a larger problem. The steel beams that had been installed by another firm were spaced too far apart to handle the load of the wall. This improper spacing caused the beams to become overloaded and fail. Previously repaired cracks reappeared and worsened, allowing water to infiltrate the basement.

To provide a permanent structural repair solution, Thrasher recommended that the existing beams be removed and 6 helical tiebacks be installed to stabilize and straighten the wall.

Thrasher installed a foundation underdrain system to prevent water infiltration. This involved coating the exterior wall with a sealer, applying a drain mat, then installing an edge drain and drain tile system which was extended to a daylight termination point.

Finally, Thrasher epoxy-sealed all cracks.

During excavation, our foundation repair crew discovered an abandoned shallow porch foundation which was pushing on the wall, a significant factor in the inward bowing of the entire wall. Selective demolition of a section of the porch foundation allowed Thrasher to run the tiebacks underneath the abandoned foundation without having to completely remove it. This resulted in a substantial cost savings for the homeowner.

By identifying and addressing the entire scope of the problem rather than proceeding with a quick fix that most likely would have failed, our solution returned this home’s foundation to its proper alignment and insured that the basement would stay dry.

Bowed walls Kansas City before
Foundation wall with existing failing steel beams before Thrasher's repair.
bowed walls kansas city after
Foundation wall after it was straightened with helical wall tiebacks, a permanent structural solution.

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