Radon Testing Services

Thrasher provides radon testing with a certified Radon Gas Measurement Specialist, who will perform a Continuous Radon Monitor test in your home to determine if radon levels need to be mitigated. This home radon test is by far the most accurate in the industry and is capable of providing reliable radon test results within 48 hours. 

Radon Testing Process

Here’s what you can expect you choose Thrasher to conduct a professional radon test in your home:

  • Step 1: Contact Thrasher by calling 1-800-827-0702 or emailing us. Our Radon Gas Measurement Specialist will coordinate a good time to stop by your home to set up the Continuous Radon Monitor (CRM).
  • Step 2: Our Radon Gas Measurement Specialist will install the CRM. This visit will take about 30 minutes, during which time the specialist makes sure that the home radon test  is placed in the best location in your home for accurate results. They will also ensure you’re informed of the required conditions for the most accurate testing.
  • Step 3: Our radon specialist will return after a minimum of 48 hours have passed. During this second meeting our licensed radon expert will print out and review the radon test results with you. This process takes approximately 90 minutes, and before we leave, you’ll know exactly how we can help reduce radon levels in your home and exactly how much it will cost. If your radon levels are low and do not require radon mitigation, we’ll be happy to give you that good news as well.

Choose the Radon Mitigation Solution that’s Right for You

Depending on your home radon test results, you can decide if further action is needed in your home. Our radon expert will help by providing the facts and the recommended solution for your home. Contact us today for a radon testing appointment or to receive a free radon mitigation quote. 

Thrasher also provides HUD multi-family radon testing and mitigation. HUD’s multi-family radon policy requires that all radon testing and mitigation be performed by a certified radon professional.