Jacob Jenkins

Senior Team Lead

Jacob is a trained firefighter and licensed EMT, and spent several years in construction before joining Thrasher four years ago. Originally from Monterey, CA, Jacob now lives in Omaha, NE with his wife. He enjoys ocean fishing, camping, hiking, softball, volunteering and spending time with family.


Our crew leaders are responsible for overseeing each job to completion. Each leader takes responsibility for assembling appropriate tools and equipment, assigning tasks to installers, and moving the job toward completion to ensure efficiency and quality. They are also responsible for keeping the customer, up-to-date, and ensure satisfaction with each job.


At Thrasher, we work every day to deliver a wow experience and challenge the status quo. One way we do that is by walking alongside the best in the industry. In Jacob’s words, “I love working with others who are committed to excellence. That’s not something you’ll find at many other companies.” We’re thrilled to have Jacob as a part of the Thrasher team as we work to redefine our industry.