Shae Mapes

Sales and Service Manager

Shae is certified in designing solutions for our customers’ waterproofing, foundation and concrete repair, egress window and crawlspace needs. Shae holds an associate’s degree from Allen County Community College and brings more than 17 years of managerial experience to the Thrasher team. Originally from Newton, Kan., Shae has lived in Missouri, Idaho, Washington and Nebraska; and now currently resides back in hometown, Newton. In his free time, he enjoys watching sports, coaching, traveling and being with his family.


At Thrasher, we work every day to deliver a wow experience and challenge the status quo. One way we do that is by walking alongside the best in the industry. In Shae’s words, “I really like how Thrasher focusses on their employees and has created a family-oriented culture.” We’re thrilled to have Shae as a part of the Thrasher team as we work to redefine our industry.