A Thrasher Christmas Story

Friday, December 18th, 2020 by Jay Liebenguth

Thrasher The Reindeer neighborhood header

Twas the week before the holidays...

and all around our house,
Things were not good, we couldn't blame the mouse.

The doors were sticking, the chimney was leaning,
"What if Santa can't deliver our presents this evening?!"

The driveway was cracked and concrete was crumbling,
And Santa with presents, could be prone to stumbling.

I felt like a failure, I felt like a louse,
It's my responsibility, we must fix our house!

Who could do all this work, I needed an Elf,
It was much, too much work to do-it-myself.

Who could save our holiday? I should know - I'm not stupid
Not Comet, not Donner, not Vixen and certainly not Cupid.

I heard a noise in the yard and I threw back the shutters
I was embarrassed of the icy gunk, hanging from our gutters.

I tried to open the window to see what made that racket?
And lo, it was a reindeer in a tiny blue hard hat.

Christmas Eve Landscape Thrasher Reindeer

It's Thrasher the Reindeer and he can save the day
The only thing left was him showing the way.

I put on my stockings and grabbed a tape measure
Somehow, I knew this Thrasher would be such a pleasure.

He was a joy to work with, he really knew his stuff,
It was a nice presentation, good information, and no fluff.

He showed me the damage, he detailed the fix
He must be a Very Important Reindeer for St Nick.

He treated me well, just like a high-valued neighbor
He even offered me a whopping good deal - *50% off labor.

Now the kids are all happy and so is my wife
It's all thanks to Thrasher - It's a Wonderful Life!

Small Thrasher Reindeer Footer