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Old Rusted Gutters Replaced with Gutter Shutter in Clarinda, IA

Returning customers Scott and Jill K. were concerned about their gutters getting clogged, sagging and falling apart. They have lived in the home for a long time and still had the original gutters. Impressed with previous work Thrasher has done on their home, Scott and Jill gave us another call.

Service Techinican Chuck Kain went out to the home to evaluate the gutters. The gutters were galvanized, rusting and failing. Chuck recommended Gutter Shutter, a clog free and seamless gutter.  We removed the old gutters and downspouts. After measuring for an exact fit, we installed Gutter Shutters and buried all the downspouts so they would direct the roof water away from the house and foundation. Scott and Jill were very happy with how the gutters looked and impressed with the crew. 

Fixing Gutters in Omaha, NE

This customer wanted to make sure the water was flowing away from their home correctly. And they especially wanted to make sure their basement was kept safe and dry, in an event they might need to use it as shelter from a storm.

When we visited the home to inspect the property, we found the gutters and downspouts were too small and were getting clogged. They were not running far enough from the foundation and were ripping away from the house in a storm and high winds.

To fix the problem, we installed our gutter shutter system on the home with the oversized trough and a wide mouth outlet. To keep the water away from the foundation, we also buried the downspouts 10 feet away from the foundation, in areas with good grade soil.

The customer was happy and feels better about the safety of her home during storms.

Clogged Gutters in Papillion, NE

Gary and Donna have a lot of tall trees around their home. After the winter months, they noticed a lot of leaves and debris in their gutters and were concerned about their buried downspouts getting clogged. They called Thrasher, and we sent out Service Technician Bob Dunn to take a look. After inspection, Bob found a lot of debris in their downspouts and suggested our RainDrop Gutter Guards. These Gutter Guards do exactly what it sounds like: guards that protect your gutters from leaves, twigs, and other debris. It's 100% maintenance-free and self-cleaning. After installing, Gary and Donna told us how happy they are now that they don't have to get up on a ladder and clean out their gutters!

Buried Downspouts in Blair, NE

Homeowner Dave had buried downspouts in his yard, which he loved. But he kept running into the same problem. The point where the discharge ended, there was always a soggy wet spot in his backyard. He knew this wasn't a huge issue, but he wanted to instead extend the downspout out into a pasture so his yard could stay nicer while still having a drainage system.

Instead of trying to figure out how to do it himself, Dave decided to call Thrasher. System Design Specialist, Tony Taylor, went out to his home to figure out the best plan of action. After inspecting the buried downspouts, it was clear the discharge was fine, but as Dave said, it did end 3 feet inside of the gated backyard area. Which allowed a pool of water to collect and created a soft spot in the soil after rainfall. 

To fix the issue, we extended the discharge another 10 feet. This helped move the water into a pasture and out of the backyard. It also allowed the soggy area to be in an area that the family doesn't move through often and will actually help the pasture grow better.

Even though it might not be a complex or pressing issue, it was a solution that helped improve the homeowner's quality of life and made it so he could enjoy his backyard more with his family. 

Gutter Shutter Install in Council Bluffs Iowa

The old gutters that they had on the barn were corroded and sagging.  They could only do one downspout for the entire run because otherwise they would be sending water onto the driveway area that has poor drainage and turns into an ice rink in the wintertime.  When the gutters sagged, they would overflow and drip on the patio/entrance area. We used gutter shutter to direct the water to the back of the barn and make sure they stayed pitched correctly. 

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