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Protect your Springfield home with Thrasher Foundation Repair

To cater to the unique needs of Springfield homeowners, Thrasher Foundation Repair expanded to this community in 2021. As a family-owned and operated company since 1975, we've been dedicated to serving families and homes across the Midwest, and Springfield is no exception.

At Thrasher, we understand the challenges posed by the region's soil composition and environmental factors. In fact, Springfield is known for its clay loam soil, dirt crawl spaces, and heavy rains. This means you might face issues like shifting foundations, damp basements, humid crawl spaces, and concrete wear and tear as a homeowner in Springfield.

We understand the stress caused by structural and water-related issues, which is why we approach every project with a mix of expertise and empathy to find the best solution for your home. Bottom line: we treat your home as if it were ours - with the utmost respect and attention to detail.

From foundation problems to basement leaks, Thrasher Foundation Repair is your reliable contractor. Our passion for WOW service and proven solutions makes us your trusted source for all your home repair needs in Springfield.

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Why choose Thrasher?

Because we're experts. We've been there and done it. For nearly 50 years. We answer every question you have, quickly identify the root of the problem, and give you the solution, all in the same day.

Because we're easy to work with. Unlike other contractors, we make a stressful home repair super easy. We call you before we arrive, show up on time, clean up thoroughly, and walk through the job with you at the end to make sure you're 100% satisfied.

Because we're transparent. We're set out to break the contractor stereotype. Educating homeowners is the goal. Being shady and overselling is not.

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Before and after pictures from Springfield

Springfield team in action

Brandon, Chase, and Marcus working on concrete repair on a lake dock! - Photo 1
Brandon, Chase, and Marcus working on concrete repair on a lake dock!

Brandon, Chase, and Marcus working on concrete repair on a lake dock!

Helping Harmony House - Photo 1
Helping Harmony House

Our Springfield team gathered several donations for Harmony House, an organization providing shelter, advocacy, and education to survivors of domestic violence. 

Tiny Home Community Service Day - Photo 1
Tiny Home Community Service Day

Our team planted over 100 shrubs in this tiny home community for the homeless. Additionally, we grilled and served over 20 meals. 

Tripping Hazards no more at home in Springfield, MO - Photo 1
Tripping Hazards no more at home in Springfield, MO

These homeowners wanted to maintain the full value of their home. With all the cracked concrete they had, they knew getting the concrete repaired would bring them the curb appeal that would matter when the time comes to sell. They called Thrasher to come inspect all the concrete issues to determine what could be done. They knew would do it right.

When we came out for their free inspection, we noticed slight settling in the driveway and extreme settlement on the sidewalk alongside the house. There was also street creep taking effect on the home's foundation we wanted to address as well This was caused by the concrete from the street expanding and pushing the driveway into the house.  

To eliminate the street creep, we installed Compression Guard, allowing for the swelling and shrinking of the road against the driveway. For the rest of the settling concrete, we used PolyLevel to lift and level the slabs back to the correct positions. NexusPro was then used to seal the cracks and joints. It was a difficult lift on the sidewalk but it turned out great 






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