What is the difference between seamless gutters and traditional gutter systems?

cutaway view of gutter shutterMost gutter systems come in sections, making them easier to install. However, sections of gutters proved inferior when it comes to strength, weight, and to prevent leakage.

In the 1960s, the gutter industry was revolutionized by the invention of seamless gutters. This invention made it possible to install gutters in one continuous piece, thus reducing the odds of leaks.

At Thrasher Foundation Repair, we use the Gutter Shutter, a seamless, clog-free, all-in-one covered gutter system that is guaranteed never to clog or pull away from the home.

Are seamless gutters really seamless?

Yes, essentially. Traditionally, gutters are installed in sections -- even across long, straight stretches. Seamless gutters are one continuous piece across the straight stretches of your home. This eliminates the possibility that your gutters will leak across straight runs. However, because we install corners as separate pieces, they are not entirely seamless. There are still chances for leakage to occur, but far less often. A sealant is necessary on seamless gutters at corners and downspouts. We seal these separate joint pieces with a top-of-the-line sealant that is made to last for the lifetime of the gutter system.

What are the advantages of seamless gutters?

  • Eliminate Water Leaks: With continuous straight runs, they keep the possibility of leaks to an absolute minimum.
  • Accurate Fitting: The gutters are cut on-site using a special machine, ensuring precise measurements.
  • Greater Strength and Durability: Seamless aluminum gutters are stronger than sectional gutters, capable of bearing more weight and enduring strong winds, ice build-up, and heavy rainfalls.
  • Premium Colors Available: Seamless rain gutters give you the option to choose from a wide variety of different colors, ensuring that you get the best of both worlds when it comes to visual appeal and functionality.
  • Less Maintenance: Seamless rain gutter systems require less maintenance than sectional gutter systems because there are no gaps in the gutters. This translates to fewer clogs, which means fewer weekends spent cleaning leaves and debris while standing on dangerous ladders.
  • Great Value: Typically, seamless gutters cost more than traditional gutter systems upfront. However, when you add up the amount of money you'll save on repair and maintenance over the years, seamless gutters are the better value.
  • An efficiently operating gutter system is essential for protecting your foundation from roof runoff during heavy rains.

However, not all gutter systems are the same -- many are susceptible to clogging, making them ineffective when you need them the most. If rainwater is not able to flow through the gutter and be diverted away from your home, it will fall to the soil surrounding your foundation, often leading to basement leaks and structural foundation damage.

Common Gutter Drainage Issues

Downspout flooding: If your downspouts leave water pooling at your foundation, or if they are missing altogether, it can lead to foundation damage, landscape damage and even mold and insect problems. Overflowing gutters can cause damaging erosion too. This occurs when soil or landscaping material is removed by water runoff. This includes creating channels or gullies in your yard and the possibility of causing foundation damage if not properly routed. Often, adequately placed downspout extenders can help effectively carry roof water away from your house.

Gushing or overflowing gutters: Water spilling over the top of your current gutter system is never a good sign. This could indicate leaves clogging up the downspout or a sign of an undersized or improperly pitched gutter system.

Lots of water comes off your roof during a rainstorm. A 2500 square foot roof will shed 1550 gallons of water from a 1-inch rain. Leaves and debris clog gutters, and they fill with water and overflow against your house and foundation. Water weighs 8lbs per gallon, and all that weight causes your gutters to sag and pull away from the house. Ice and snow are very heavy too. If it is sitting in your gutters, that is a tremendous amount of weight hanging on very small supports, leading to failure of the system, rotted fascia boards, and the potential for foundation problems.

The expertly designed Gutter Protection System Available for Your Home

If you have trees in your neighborhood, chances are you need gutter guards! The system that Thrasher Foundation Repair uses is Gutter Shutter system; a clog-free, seamless replacement gutter system guaranteed never to pull away from the home. It eliminates the need to climb a dangerous ladder to clean out clogged gutters. The Gutter Shutter design provides a water-tight seal from the roofline down using the High-Back gutter trough -- and there is nothing to void your roof and shingle warranty.

Poorly designed gutter systems are prone to other issues, such as pulling away from fascia boards, overflowing, leaking, and deteriorating over time.

Don't let poor drainage wreak havoc on your home and yard. Instead, get water moving in the right direction -- away from your foundation -- without causing problems in your lawn and landscaping. By properly redirecting water, you can prevent roof issues, leaky basement walls and other foundation issues.

Gutter System

As the first line of defense against rainwater, your guttering system is one of your home's water management system's most critical elements. Without a properly installed gutter system, rainwater would fall off your roof to the ground below, leading to foundation damage.

Gutter Shutter uses an exclusive extra-large 6" gutter size, which carries 20% more water than standard 5" gutters. The heavy-duty mounting brackets used on a Gutter Shutter system are placed every 24". There are two 3" screws installed in every bracket. This ensures the gutter system will never pull away from the fascia board on your home. The right and left end caps are attached directly to the heavy-duty brackets, so they will never come off.

Gutter Guards

gutter guards

Another critical component of your water management system is a gutter protection system, referred to as gutter guards. Gutter guards ensure your gutter system can function effectively and efficiently when it's needed most.

Roof grit, leaves, pine needles, and other debris can clog gutters, limiting their ability to capture water and, in some instances, rendering them completely useless. Gutter guards ensure these materials stay out of your gutters, eliminating the need for gutter cleaning and increasing the entire system's lifespan.

The Gutter Shutter Gutter Protection System

Which is the permanent solution to clogged, overflowing or sagging gutters. Gutter Shutter is developed to be the best gutter system in the world.

Gutter Shutter System is not a typical gutter guard -- it's a two-piece system that is completely covered and sealed with no vertical openings, filters, or screens.

The system consists of two parts: the bottom (trough) and the top (gutter protection). The two-piece design allows both the top and the bottom to be supported by the brackets, making it the most secure and durable gutter system on the market.

No more clogged downspouts and underground drainage issues! The GutterShutter gutter protection system is a beautiful addition to any home, with various color options. Add curb appeal and value to your property with GutterShutter's crown molding look and feel quality materials and performance. If you need to replace your gutters, give us a call -- our teams will do it all! Our expert service team can install in a day and provides a permanent solution to your gutter problems.

Customers choose seamless gutters from Thrasher for many reasons, from eliminating the hassle of cleaning their gutters with gutter protection, adding value to their homes, eliminating the damage caused by improperly functioning gutters.



Improperly channeled roof water is one of your foundation's greatest enemies. Gutter downspout installation is an essential step in the process of completing your water protection system. It's a simple and inexpensive investment that can save you from more significant headaches down the road. Once your gutters have collected rainwater, your downspouts divert the water away from your foundation. If downspouts aren't installed correctly -- or worse, not installed at all -- water can overflow gutters or be dumped directly on to the soil surrounding your foundation. Gutter Shutter uses an exclusive Wide Mouth outlet that maximizes the flow of roof water through the gutter and into the downspout to be directed away from the home. These Wide Mouth outlets tie directly into a 4" x 6" downspout, which has double the capacity of a standard 2" x 3" downspout.

Our Approach to Gutter Installation

Once you decide you want to investigate a better water management system, Thrasher Foundation Repair will provide a thorough FREE inspection of your current system. This inspection includes gutters, gutter guards and downspouts, along with looking at your foundation for any possible intrusions. We deliver a same-day, no-obligation estimate with transparent pricing and a copy of our industry-leading warranty.

After we've earned the opportunity to replace your gutter system, you can expect easy scheduling and high quality and efficient work with minimal disruption from trained experts. Most projects can be completed in one day.

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