Thrasher Foundation Repair Before & After Photos

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Settlement Repair in Grain Valley, MO

This homeowner was worried about possible foundation issues but wasn't sure what exactly was going on. After inspecting the property, we discovered that he was having settlement issues in one corner of the home and was also dealing with downspouts that weren't directing water far enough from the foundation. We solved this dilemma by installing push piers, which stabilize the foundation. We also buried and extended the downspouts to help keep water far from the foundation. 

Driveway Protection in Sioux City, IA

This homeowner had many cracks in his concrete and was worried that his driveway would cave while driving on it. He has worked with Thrasher in the past and was very happy with the results so he called us to help him with the problem. We used our PolyLevel foam system to even out the concrete and then we sealed the joints and cracks using NexusPro. This will make sure his driveway is safe and protected! 

Rain Drop Gutter Guards in Fairbury, NE

We recently assisted a homeowner with a common issue: clogged gutters causing potential water damage. To address this concern and help the homeowner enjoy their property for the long term, we installed Raindrop Gutter Guards. This innovative solution prevents debris from entering the gutters, ensuring water flows smoothly and reducing the risk of future damage. Our team provided a comprehensive solution that not only resolved the immediate problem but also offered long-lasting protection for the homeowner's peace of mind.

Custom Cars Saved By A Level Driveway in Lincoln, NE

When this customer discovered that his custom cars were facing difficulties while entering his driveway, he reached out to us because of our reputation for exaptational craftsmanship and customer service. Understanding the importance of the situation, we swiftly resolved the issue by employing Polylevel, a cutting-edge product that efficiently raised the concrete slabs, ensuring their stability and preventing any potential washout concerns going forward. To add the finishing touches, we applied Nexus Pro to seal the joins, providing enhanced durability and long-term protection for his driveway and cars. 

Gutter Protection in Omaha, NE!

This homeowner was tired of getting leaves and grime in her gutters, so she decided to do something about it. To protect her gutters we installed RainDrop gutter guards! RainDrop gutter guards are the perfect fit for any home because of their advanced design and versatile fit. 

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