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Reliable Gutters Protect Your Foundation From Roof Runoff During Heavy Rains

If your home has damaged gutters, contact the gutter installation professionals at Thrasher. Since 1975, we have provided reliable basement waterproofing and foundation repair services - so we know how gutters can impact the entire property. Without efficient gutters, flooding and runoff from heavy rains can cause damage to the entire home, including basement leaks, structural foundation damage, wood rot, and more.

But there is no reason to worry - Thrasher provides innovative gutter technology with Gutter Shutter™. Our seamless gutter system never clogs, sags, or pulls away, making unnecessary gutter cleaning and water damage repairs a thing of the past.

Complete the contact form below to schedule a free gutter installation estimate today. We offer our state-of-the-art gutters, downspouts, and gutter guards to homeowners throughout Omaha, Lincoln, Sioux City, Wichita and nearby in Nebraska, Kansas and Iowa.

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Signs of Damaged, Leaky Gutters

Without reliable gutters or gutter guards, debris can clog the system and prevent water from flowing. If gutters are hanging, constantly obstructed, or leaking, it can lead to widespread water damage from runoff during heavy rains, including:

Common Causes of Leaky, Clogged Gutters

Gutters, downspouts, and gutter guards protect your home from runoff during rainstorms. But if the system is installed incorrectly or damaged, it can leave your home vulnerable to the elements. Some common causes of leaky, clogged gutters include:

Faulty downspouts

Faulty downspouts

Downspouts direct water away from the foundation, but faulty ones trap debris and cause clogs that create water dams inside the system, eventually leading to an even worse obstruction.

Leaves & other debris

Leaves & other debris

While greenery enhances a home's curb appeal, leaves and other debris can build up in the system and cause leaky, clogged gutters.

Cracked gutters

Cracked gutters

Frequent temperature and weather changes cause gutters to crack, especially at the joints, braces, and nails. As holes and gaps form, your gutters will begin to leak.

Rusty gutters

Rusty gutters

When gutters are not maintained, rainwater continuously pools, causing rust to build up and holes to appear. The gaps and cracks lead to leaky gutters.

Sagging gutters

Sagging gutters

Gutters are attached to the home from the roof's fascia board. The weight from heavy rains, debris, snow, and more make hangers weak and start to sag, causing leaky gutters.

Sloping gutters

Sloping gutters

When gutters do not slope enough, water cannot flow towards the downspout. As a result, water will begin to pool, causing leaks and adding excess weight to the system.

Ice dams in gutters

Ice dams in gutters

If gutters are not sloped correctly, then snow and melting ice from the roof end up in the system. Later the snow and water freeze, leading to leaky and clogged gutters.

Old gutters

Old gutters

Gutters typically last for about 20 years. If your system is older, they may have reached the end of their lifetime and are no longer working efficiently.

Gutter Shutter

Our Approach to Gutter Installation & Gutter Guards

Don't let poor drainage wreak havoc on your home and yard. Instead, get water moving in the right direction - away from your foundation - with the seamless gutter system from Thrasher. We will help redirect water without causing harm to your property or landscaping.

The Gutter Shutter™ system protects your home from roof issues, leaky basement walls, and foundation issues caused by water damage. Plus, our clog-proof gutter guards eliminate the hazardous task of climbing on ladders to clean out leaves and other debris.

  • Free gutter Inspection: We start with a thorough inspection, examining the gutters, gutter guards, and downspouts. We also look at the foundation for possible water intrusions. We then provide a free, same-day service estimate and a copy of our industry-leading warranty. We provide efficient, high-quality work - and most projects are complete in one day!
  • Seamless gutters: Seamless gutters are custom designed and professionally installed by our gutter specialists. Seamless gutters have fewer joints, minimizing weak spots, leaks, clogs, and sagging. Our system also comes in a range of colors and finishes to match any aesthetic. Plus, better durability and performance means your system will look better a lot longer.
  • Gutter guards: Gutter Shutter™ gutter covers feature small, carefully placed perforations to capture rainwater and keep debris out. Our system even comes with a Lifetime No-Clog Guarantee! Water flows through the system freely, even during heavy rains, protecting the roof, siding, and foundation. And while standard gutter covers are 5", ours are 6", allowing for much better water flow.
  • Downspouts & extensions: We fully seal downspouts to the bottom of your gutters to direct rainwater away from the foundation, preventing water damage and basement flooding. Our premium downspouts have a minimum discharge range of 10′. We even provide effective gutter extensions, including RainChute, RainChute EZ, and LawnScape Outlet.

Why choose Thrasher for your next gutter installation project?

Thrasher Foundation Repair is committed to providing the absolute best basement waterproofing, crawl space repair, and structural foundation repair solutions and has been doing so since 1975 - this all starts with a reliable gutter installation. We prevent foundation damage, basement flooding, and leaky crawl space issues by installing gutters that effectively redirect rainwater away from your home.

Gutter Shutter™ seamless, industrial-strength aluminum gutters come with a Lifetime No-Clog guarantee and will never sag, flex under heavy loads, or pull away from the home. Our highly trained gutter specialists install your system with minimal disruption and most projects are completed in a day! Our system also comes in a range of colors and finishes, offering maximum protection that perfectly matches your style.

See why Thrasher is a four-time winner of the Better Business Bureau's Integrity Award and schedule a free gutter inspection today. We serve Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska homeowners throughout Sioux City, Lincoln, Omaha, and nearby areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 95% of our gutter installation projects take no longer than a day, with most taking just 3/4 of a working day. However, larger homes could take 2-3 days, depending on their size.

  • It's common for roofing companies to offer gutter installation as part of their collective services. However, gutters are actually more related to your foundation than your roof.

    That is why we offer gutter installation services as part of our holistic approach to foundation repair and protection. If we provide foundation repair with basement waterproofing, we also do the services that identify your issue at its root cause.

  • Absolutely. In fact, the number one cause of foundation damage is inadequate drainage. Gutter installation is crucial for your home's water management system.

  • The cost of your gutter installation can be affected by many variables, including gutter material, gutter type, house size, number of downspouts, and number of corners. At Thrasher Foundation Repair, we provide an all-in-one, covered gutter system called Gutter Shutter™. This system includes seamless gutters, gutter guards, and gutter downspouts designed to properly divert water away from your home's foundation and keep your home safe for years to come.

  • Technically, gutters should be installed at 1/4 inch per foot of slope, but it can vary because homes settle. When installing gutters we take two things into account — aesthetics and functionality. We want your gutter system to both look good and work efficiently, so we may suggest adding an additional downspout to achieve this.

  • Gutter Shutter™ is a 6" system. The larger the gutter, the more volume of water it can handle — especially in short bursts. Narrower gutters will work fine for light, steady rain.

  • Installing gutters can be extremely difficult, especially for two-story homes. We care about your health and safety, and we advise all of our clients to opt for professional gutter installation.

  • Seamless gutters are simply another attempt at making gutter systems as durable and efficient as possible. Compared to traditional gutters, they tend to last longer and leak less. However, when deciding whether or not seamless gutters are worth it, it's necessary to consider the other features of the Gutter Shutter™ system, such as the clog-proof gutter guards and double-the-size downspouts.

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