Basement Waterproofing & Drainage Before & After Photos

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Foundation Repair in Lebanon, MO

Barbara H. is a homeowner in Lebanon, MO, and wanted peace of mind knowing her basement would stay dry year-round as the transition began into the colder seasons. She had some concerns with water infiltrating the home’s foundation, so she gave us a call to thoroughly inspect the property.

System Design Specialist Chris Bolander arrived at the home in Lebanon, MO, and determined that the downspouts were releasing water next to the home’s foundation causing extreme saturation levels in the soil. To permanently solve this issue, our crews buried each downspout 10 feet from the house to release the captured water far from the home’s foundation walls.

Barbara was very pleased with her Thrasher experience and was relieved to know that her basement would stay dry throughout each year.

French Drain or Curtain Drain Installation

Installing French drains, also known as curtain drains, is one way to handle water in a yard with grading issues.  Here is an example from our customer in Lee's Summit, MO.

Installing French drains is an option in circumstances where excessive surface water must be managed.

Water management can take on many forms.  In most cases, a home is built so that the yard can be graded to properly drain water away from the foundation.  Swales are even graded into the landscape to provide a path for water to drain away from structures and toward storm drains.  In some cases, though, grading is not correct or has to be changed.  Sometimes a neighboring property will change their landscape and change the original drainage that was planned for the neighborhood.

When grading is done well, and gutters and downspouts are installed correctly, water will shed away from the foundation helping to prevent wet basements and bowing basement walls.  When those problems persist, and interior French drain, draintile, or another form of interior drainage is the usual recommended solution.  However, if there are major grading issues, they must be addressed outside.  Not addressing the pooling water can lead to extreme flooding or excessive pressure that can push a foundation wall in causing cracks and other structural issues.

The best approach to solving grading issues is to regrade in a way that water can runoff of the yard naturally and without pooling in the yard.  Unfortunately, there are rare cases where that isn’t possible.  That is when a change in landscape design should be considered.  One tool in the landscape toolbox is the exterior French drain or curtain drain.

For this customer in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, Thrasher was able to work with them on both their yard drainage issues and dealing with the water that was already getting into the basement.  An exterior interceptor drain was installed in this home’s back yard.  Since the yard was not naturally sloped to move water away from the home, it was collecting in areas close to the foundation.  While an interior waterproofing drainage system may have kept the basement dry, the pooling water still had a chance to cause structural damage.  The homeowner also did not like having a muddy mess in their backyard after ever rainfall and even after watering the lawn.

Thrasher Foundation Repair prides itself on working with homeowners to find the best solution for their circumstances.  Even in situations where we cannot perform all the work ourselves, we will make recommendations to the homeowner that they can do themselves or hire a landscaper to perform.  If you aren’t sure what you need to do to solve your problem, we are happy to provide a free inspection to help you figure it out.

“From start to finish, I received total professionalism and up-to-date progress. The crew respected my property and cleaned up after the job was completed. Thrasher Foundation Repair came highly recommended to me and I see why. My neighbors are interested in having work done. My brother and mother have also used Thrasher. Top notch company. In today’s world, it is hard to find great customer service.” – R. R., homeowner

Basement Waterproofed in Independence, MO

Victor G. owns a home in Independence, MO, and is getting ready to sell. However, he is getting water in his basement and needed to fix that prior to putting the house on the market. 

He called Thrasher Foundation Repair and our experts had the solution for him. We installed WaterGuard waterproofing system around the perimeter of the basement. We also installed a vapor barrier called Clean Space for the full height of the walls. Victor is happy to have his problem solved and excited to be able to put his home on the market.

Wet Basement Repair in Maryville, MO

Countryside Christian Church in Maryville, MO has been battling water issues in the basement for over a decade. They utilize their basement heavily for classrooms, gatherings, and hosting events. They’ve tried a plethora of solutions, but none have seemed to work. After reviewing our reputation and the variety of services we offer, they gave Thrasher a call to come inspect the basement.

 System Design Specialist Nico Lemmers arrived at the church in Maryville to perform a thorough inspection of the property. Jim D. of the church opted to have us install our WaterGuard basement waterproofing system throughout the entire space. In addition, the team installed two lateral drain lines down the middle of the building to prevent any clogging from soils underneath. Lastly, our waterproof plastic barrier CleanSpace was applied to all the walls to prevent any water from seeping through. These two products combined guarantee the basement stays dry year-round.

 After a long struggle with the water issues in the basement, the church community was relieved to have a permanent solution that allows them to move forward. They were more than pleased with the effectiveness of our solutions, and professionalism displayed by the team.

Basement Waterproofing in Pocahontas, IA

Steve B. is a homeowner in Pocahontas, IA and decided he wanted to finish his basement. However, he has been dealing with water in his basement for several years and needed to have it taken care of first. Steve was very familiar with our reputation and knew that we have a warranty in place that we stand behind. He chose Thrasher because we always take care of our customers and provide a permanent solution.

 To begin the project, System Design Specialist Zak Kephart arrived in Pocahontas, IA to perform a thorough inspection of the water damage. It was determined the water was coming in through the cold joints every time it rained, but only in a few areas. To fix the problem, our team installed WaterGuard around the perimeter for drainage and CleanSpace to capture any water seeping through the walls. These two products combined provide a permanent waterproofing solution.

 Steve was more than pleased with the quality and efficiency of the work the crew did. He can now remodel his basement with confidence it’s built for the test of time.

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