Basement Waterproofing & Drainage Before & After Photos

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Foundation Repair in Lebanon, MO

Barbara H. is a homeowner in Lebanon, MO, and wanted peace of mind knowing her basement would stay dry year-round as the transition began into the colder seasons. She had some concerns with water infiltrating the home’s foundation, so she gave us a call to thoroughly inspect the property.

System Design Specialist Chris Bolander arrived at the home in Lebanon, MO, and determined that the downspouts were releasing water next to the home’s foundation causing extreme saturation levels in the soil. To permanently solve this issue, our crews buried each downspout 10 feet from the house to release the captured water far from the home’s foundation walls.

Barbara was very pleased with her Thrasher experience and was relieved to know that her basement would stay dry throughout each year.

Basement Waterproofing in Versailles, MO

Homeowner Nevin is beginning to buy and flip houses, and it's important to him to do it right. In this home, he wants to finish the basement but wants to address waterproofing it first. When talking to a few different companies to find the best one to get the job done. He chose Thrasher because of our reputation and clarity when discussing the scope of work. 

Anthony Salcedo inspected Nevin's house. He found the basement had leaking walls and a leaning foundation wall. The best action plan was to install an entire perimeter of wall supports, a complete perimeter drainage system, and a sump pump. 

We installed our water guard system, CleanSpace, to divert any water intrusion through the wall and then installed a sump pump with backup. Next, to fix the leaning foundation wall, we established an entire perimeter of wall anchors to take the weight off and stabilize the failing wall.

Nevin was pleased with the results and happy he chose Thrasher.

Waterproofing and Wall Repair in Warrensburg MO

This couple had bought a 'fixer upper' in Warrensburg, MO, which included a basement with bowing, cracked walls and water seeping in. To resolve the issue, we first stabilized the walls with support beams to prevent any future bowing. We also installed a full basement waterproofing system, from drain tile, sump pump and vapor barrier along the walls, to a powerful dehumidifier to keep the space clean, dry and safe.

Waterproofing in Blue Eye, MO.

Kenneth Rozell reached out to Thrasher to help turn his vacation home, into a permanent one. The house is located at the bottom of a hill, where water constantly runs down and into the foundation of Kenneth's home. Because of this, there was water coming through the cold joints and flooding the new addition that was added on. Working with Kenneth, we came up with a solution to help waterproof his home, and prevent the dreaded sound of water coming in. By installing clean space and water guard along the wall as well as a sump pump system, we were able to give the Rozell family some peace of mind. 

Waterproofing in Holden, MO

Homeowner Joseph has been concerned about the foundation under his front porch. They had a large crack that allowed water to come in. Joseph was told by other contractors that the only solution was to demolish the space and rebuild, which was costly.

We sent System Design Specialist, Rob, to the home to provide a free on-the-spot estimate.  We determined that a better, less expensive solution was to waterproof the area with our Water Guard drainage system and install Power Braces to prevent further damage to the walls.  WaterGuard is an innovative drainage system that is designed to solve water problems without clogging from the soils underneath. It’s a permanent solution that’s guaranteed to keep the basement dry year-round.

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