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Cellar Waterproofing in Lesterville, MO

A homeowner in Lesterville, MO called us out because his cellar had problems with water intrusion for several years. After he decided it was too much of a problem and too timely to handle himself, he looked into our solutions and determined that with our decades of experience and our warranties that we would be a good fit to solve his unique cellar water problems.

We sent System Design Specialist Nick Tiberghien to inspect the cellar and determine how to best prevent water from flooding it. Upon inspection, Nick found that the water intrusion was due to cracks in the walls and floor as well as the one path downhill to enter and exit the cellar. Cellars are easily flooded as they are fairly exposed to the elements more so than a basement and their single entrances usually lead downhill, providing an easy path for water to flow through. Nick talked to the homeowner about this problem and told the homeowner of our interior waterproofing solutions that could help prevent water from pooling once it entered the cellar. The homeowner was grateful that we proposed solutions and wanted to help him, so after his approval, our team got to work on installing waterproofing solutions. Our installation team utilized a full perimeter WaterGuard Drainage System with a Lateral Line to address all water that was coming through the cold joints and cracks. After this, the team worked to install CleanSpace Vapor Barrier to prevent water from coming through the wall cracks, as well as to help minimize the amount of moisture coming through the walls and reduce the relative humidity of the cellar. Finally, our team installed an Ultra Sump Pump with a buried discharge pipe to redirect all water coming into the cellar back outside.

The homeowners were very happy with the solutions our team was able to install. They said that is was the best because he had previously tried other solutions that failed. The homeowner now has the peace of mind that he won't have to worry about cleaning his flooded cellar every time it rains now. Check out this unique cellar transformation!

Foundation Repair in Lebanon, MO

Barbara H. is a homeowner in Lebanon, MO, and wanted peace of mind knowing her basement would stay dry year-round as the transition began into the colder seasons. She had some concerns with water infiltrating the home’s foundation, so she gave us a call to thoroughly inspect the property.

System Design Specialist Chris Bolander arrived at the home in Lebanon, MO, and determined that the downspouts were releasing water next to the home’s foundation causing extreme saturation levels in the soil. To permanently solve this issue, our crews buried each downspout 10 feet from the house to release the captured water far from the home’s foundation walls.

Barbara was very pleased with her Thrasher experience and was relieved to know that her basement would stay dry throughout each year.

Basement Waterproofing in Versailles, MO

Homeowner Nevin is beginning to buy and flip houses, and it's important to him to do it right. In this home, he wants to finish the basement but wants to address waterproofing it first. When talking to a few different companies to find the best one to get the job done. He chose Thrasher because of our reputation and clarity when discussing the scope of work. 

Anthony Salcedo inspected Nevin's house. He found the basement had leaking walls and a leaning foundation wall. The best action plan was to install an entire perimeter of wall supports, a complete perimeter drainage system, and a sump pump. 

We installed our water guard system, CleanSpace, to divert any water intrusion through the wall and then installed a sump pump with backup. Next, to fix the leaning foundation wall, we established an entire perimeter of wall anchors to take the weight off and stabilize the failing wall.

Nevin was pleased with the results and happy he chose Thrasher.

Wet and Moldy Basement Fixed in Springfield, MO

This rental property owner was between tenants moving so he decided to check out his units and determine if there were any issues that he could fix before the new tenants moved in. He found that the basement was unusable because of water damage and this would effect the rent he could charge for one of his units, so he decided to give us a call to see what solutions we could offer that would help increase the value of his rental property.

We sent System Design Specialist Austin Harris to inspect the basement of this unit, determine what the damage was from water, and design a custom solution that would fix the water issue in this rental property. Austin found that water was getting into the basement during heavy rains from the cold joints of the walls and floors. He also found that there was a high humidity level in the basement causing mold growth and truly making the basement an unlivable space. He discussed this problem with the property owner and they property owner decided that he needed to fix this problem as soon as possible. One of our installation teams quickly came to the property ready to fix the problem, utilizing a full perimeter WaterGuard Interior Drainage System, a full height CleanSpace Vapor Barrier, and a trench drain in front of the garage. These solutions not only waterproofed the basement, but they also sealed off humidity from growing mold in this space by encapsulating it.

The rental property owner was very pleased with the work that was done, stating that the project exceeded his expectations. Check out the newly installed waterproofing and encapsulating solutions!

Waterproofing and Wall Repair in Warrensburg MO

This couple had bought a 'fixer upper' in Warrensburg, MO, which included a basement with bowing, cracked walls and water seeping in. To resolve the issue, we first stabilized the walls with support beams to prevent any future bowing. We also installed a full basement waterproofing system, from drain tile, sump pump and vapor barrier along the walls, to a powerful dehumidifier to keep the space clean, dry and safe.

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