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Here at Thrasher, we believe that every customer should be safe and comfortable and not have to come home worrying about issues that may be going on with their home. Many people put off what may seem small at first and can lead to significant problems with their house. We know that people take pride in where they live, and their house is where they call home. People shouldn't have to be concerned with if their house is safe or what may be going on with their basement, foundation or concrete. Put those thoughts and concerns to rest, knowing that Thrasher will take care of the rest.

Have you had a bad experience before with another contractor? Maybe you felt pressured, or your options weren't fully explained to you? Has a previous contractor come to your house where you immediately regret the decision based on their poor appearance or unprofessional behavior? Have you been putting getting your basement, foundation or concrete problems pushed off long enough? Are you ready to finally put a bedroom downstairs in your basement, and now it's time to get an egress window installed but just haven't done it yet? Are you concerned about how much it could cost, what would be entailed with the work or what issues could happen if you don't correct the problem? Are you tired of dealing with water in your basement that you have to continually run fans or have to worry about your sump pump not keeping up? No worries, that is why we offer a free inspection, and you'll get a no-obligation written quote during our initial visit!

We take pride in making our customer's experience as easy and painless as possible. That is why signing up for a free inspection is so convenient. You have many ways to contact Thrasher to set this up on your time. Feel free to give us a call at our 1-800 number, where you will get a live, friendly Customer Care Specialist who will be more than happy to assist you. They will help you with booking your free estimate, setting accurate expectations for what you can expect on the day of your appointment and ensure to answer any questions you may have about the appointment. No time or prefer not to have to talk to someone? Don't worry if calling isn't your thing. You can click the chat button on our website to quickly get a representative who can help book your appointment. You can even message us on our Facebook page to quickly and efficiently get you set up for your appointment. We know you're busy, and your time matters.

Before your free inspection, Thrasher will be sending you a book in the mail about your area of concern. It will go into depth about what could be causing your issues, the effect of the elements around your home that may be aggravating the problem and what solutions we provide. This will set you up for success and help provide you ideas, questions, and concerns that you can be prepared to ask your System Design Specialist at the time of the appointment. We want you to be fully prepared and educated before, during and after your meeting so you can make the best decision that is right for you and the place you call home.

Thrasher will do it right the first time by giving you a courtesy call the day before to set expectations on what you can expect for your appointment. Our System Design Specialist will be friendly, respectful, thorough and ensure that we go above and beyond providing you the best experience you have had with any company. We set our standards high and aim to exceed those on every appointment from start to finish. We promise we won't leave you hanging or regretting your decision to go with Thrasher. Feel free to walk around with us during our inspection, show us what you see, ask the questions you have, and we will show, demonstrate and teach you what we are seeing. After our thorough inspection, we will take the time to show you in-depth videos that will explain what the problem is and how we will help you. We believe that the more our customers know, the better-educated decision they can make. We truly believe in no obligations, no high-pressure sales tactics, just honest people wanting to help you fix the problem right the first time. We know the amount of pressure, stress, concerns and worrying that having issues in or around your home can cause. That is why we will always be here for you. Remember, problems don't get better in time. They get better with Thrasher.