Foundation Repair Before & After Photos

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Foundation Crack Repair in Overland Park, KS

This Overland Park foundation repair job included the installation of foundation piers, as well as epoxy crack repair.

A qualified foundation repair contractor or structural engineer should be consulted to determine if a crack in your foundation is merely cosmetic or of a more serious nature.

The goals for this residence were to achieve a minimal lift, to stabilize the structure on the east and south foundation walls, and to close the large crack on a corner. Thrasher and the consulting geotechnical engineer determined that resistance piers would be ideal to provide supplemental support in this situation.

The photos below show the large diagonal crack that had appeared on the corner of the foundation wall. The crack gaped open a half-inch or more.

Thirteen resistance piers were installed along the interior of the east and south foundation walls. Twelve linear feet of urethane injection was used to fill and seal the large crack after the piers were installed. The piers were hydraulically pushed into the soil beneath the home until a predetermined load-bearing stratus was reached.

Power Braces fixed bowing walls in Norfolk, NE

Tristan H. recently bought a home and wanted to finish the basement to provide more bedrooms for his kids. They decided to call Thrasher because Eliza H. had lived in a home that had our wall support product already.

The wall they called about was a unique situation where most of the damage was 2' off of the ground so we had to install anchors with C-channels. Upon inspection, there was another wall that bowing in that we installed Power Braces on.

Home in Staplehurst, NE restored with Carbon Armor, C-Channels, and Triple Safe Sump Pump

Janet P. recently purchased her home and unfortunately discovered water problems with her basement. The problem was the north wall had stair-step cracking. Upon inspection, the Thrasher team found additional issues with the east wall. We stabilized the east wall with Carbon Armor and tackled the north wall problem with c-channel. We also waterproofed the entire basement and installed a Triple Safe Sump Pump.

Foundation in Omaha, NE Completely Stabilized with Push Pier System

Mark and Linda S. had been doing home improvements and started to notice cracks appear on the drywall, the new front door was also sticking. So, they decided that it was time to call foundation repair company.

We sent System Design Specialist Eric Wulf out and he evaluated the home. He was able to identify that the soil under the footing had washed out and caused the home to settle, causing the cracks to form.

We removed sections of the concrete slab in the garage and front door stoop slab. We then installed push piers 43’-46’ feet deep to load the bearing strata, 1.5 to 2 times the weight of the home was put on the piers to push them that deep. We were also able to lift the foot door to stop it from sticking. The home is now completely stabilized. 

PowerBrace System Saves Wall from Complete Failure in Arthur, IA

Edwin O. and Jessica D. noticed that one of the walls in their house was starting to fail and contacted their landlord. In the home was a homemade brace system and concerned for the safety of the home, the landlord gave us a call.

System Design Specialist Corey Little was able to identify the wall was on stage three of wall failure with three inches of deflection and daylight was coming when looking near the top. We started by fixing the wall by installing PowerBrace System which was able to permanently stabilize the home. Since the wall had so much damage, we had to Shortlock the wall. Then we interlocked rebar to the PowerBrace System and sprayed shotcrete giving them a new wall without having to replace the old one.

Not only was Corey able to come up with a solution that allowed them to say in the home the entire time and was the least invasive. The home now feels safe again and the finished product looks great!

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